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1. canalete (m) remo (m) (for canoe); pala (f) (of paddle boat)
  • paddle boat barco (m) (de vapor) de ruedas
2. pala (f) (for table tennis) (Estados Unidos)
3. (walk in water)
  • to go for a paddle dar un paseo por el agua or la orilla
transitive verb
4. (canoe) (sentido figurado)
    remar en
  • to paddle one's own canoe arreglárselas solo(a)
intransitive verb
5. remar (in canoe)
6. nadar (duck)
7. (walk in water)
    dar un paseo por el agua or la orilla
paddle [ˈpædl]
1 (oar) zagual (m); pala (f); remo (m); (LAm) (blade of wheel) paleta (f); (wheel) rueda (f) de paletas
2 (US) (bat) raqueta (f)
to go for or have a paddle ir a chapotear; ir a mojarse los pies
transitive verb
1 [+boat] remar con pala
2 (US) (spank) azotar; zurrar (informal)
to paddle one's feet in the sea mojarse los pies en el mar
intransitive verb
1 (in boat) remar con pala
they paddled to the bank dirigieron el bote a la orilla
2 (walk in water) mojarse los pies
paddle boat paddle steamer (n) vapor (m) de ruedas or paletas
paddle wheel (n) rueda (f) de paletas
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