Pad in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. almohadilla (f) (for protection, of dog's feet); tampón (m) (of cotton wool); plataforma (f) (for helicopters)
  • (writing) pad bloc (m)
2. casa (f) (familiar) (home)queli (f) (español de España)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp padded)
3. acolchar or almohadillar (stuff)(with con)
intransitive verb
  • to pad about caminar con suavidad
pad [pæd]
1 (to prevent friction etc) almohadilla (f); cojinete (m); (for ink) tampón (m); (brake pad) zapata (f);
2 (shoulder pad) hombrera (f); (knee pad) rodillera (f); (elbow pad) codera (f); (shin pad) espinillera (f)
3 (note pad, writing pad) bloc(k) (m); cuaderno (m); (blotting pad) secafirmas (m)
4 (for helicopter) plataforma (f); (launch pad) plataforma (f) de lanzamiento
5 [of animal's foot] almohadilla (f)
transitive verb
1 [+shoulders etc] acolchonar; poner hombreras a; [+armour] enguatar
2 (stuff) rellenar; [+book, speech etc] meter paja en;
intransitive verb
to pad about andar or caminar sin hacer ruido; especially (LAm) to pad in entrar sin hacer ruido
to pad about/in
pad [pæd]
(home) casa (f); (flat) piso (m); departamento (m); (LAm) (room) agujero (very_informal) (m); habitación (f);
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