1. (parcel) 
The package I mailed you should arrive before your birthday.El paquete que te mandé debe llegar antes de tu cumpleaños.
2. (container) 
Read the package to see how much sugar it contains before you buy it.Lee la envoltura para ver la cantidad de azúcar que contiene antes de comprarlo.
3. (set) 
The reform package proposed by the government was rejected.El paquete de reformas que propuso el gobierno fue rechazado.
4. (vacation trip) 
We've been eyeing a package to Mallorca, but it's rather expensive.Hemos estado considerando un viaje organizado a Mallorca, pero es medio costoso.
transitive verb
5. (to make into a package) 
The warehouse workers packaged the books to get them ready for shipping.Los almacenistas empaquetaron los libros para prepararlos para el envío.
b. embalar 
You need to package the order and have it on the truck by 8 am.Tienes que embalar el encargo y subirlo al camión antes de las 8 am.
c. envasar (in a jar) 
If you don't package the jam correctly, it will go bad.Si no envasas correctamente la marmelada, se echará a perder.
1. (parcel) 
a. el paquete (M) 
2. (pay deal, contract) 
a. el paquete (M) 
3. (commerce) 
a. no direct translation 
package dealacuerdo global
package holidaypaquete turístico, viaje organizado
transitive verb
4. (goods) 
a. envasar 
5. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to package somebodyvender a alguien
package [ˈpækɪdʒ]
1 (parcel, container) paquete (m)
we deliver packages all over the world I tore open the package the manservant was weighed down with numerous packages his mistress had acquired on her shopping expedition
2 (US) (packet) paquete (m)
the ingredients were clearly listed on the package los ingredientes estaban enumerados claramente en el paquete
3 (deal) oferta (f)
a generous remuneration package una generosa oferta de remuneración
a good financial package for those accepting voluntary redundancy that wasn't part of the package
the package includes two nights in a hotel la oferta incluye dos noches en un hotel
management have offered the union a package which they hope will be accepted /a relocation package/ is available for new employees who have to move house a relocation package the president wants his economic plan passed as a package
[of measures, aid] paquete (m)
they are putting together a Western /economic aid package/ for Moscow a package of measures
an economic aid package un paquete de ayuda económica
the government has announced a package of measures to help the British film industry the plan will be voted on as a package
(holiday) viaje (m) organizado; vacaciones (f) organizadas
the price of a package has gone up by 8% since last year el precio de un viaje organizado or de las vacaciones organizadas ha subido un 8% desde el año pasado
all packages offer the option of full or half board a variety of moderately priced packages that cater to almost everyone we have some very reasonable fly-drive packages to the south of Spain at the moment
4 (Comput) paquete (m)
a custom-made package for information management in smaller businesses
transitive verb
1 (US) (Comm) (also package up) (in paper, packet) empaquetar; embalar; empacar; (LAm) (in bottle, jar) envasar
the beans are then ground and packaged for sale as ground coffee
packaged foods alimentos (m) envasados
nutrients which may be missing in cooked, packaged or frozen foods
2 presentar
it depends how you package the proposal depende de la forma en que presentes la propuesta
no matter how you package the proposal, our shareholders won't be happy let's think about how we are going to package this new policy entertainment packaged as information a city is like any product, it has to be packaged properly to be attractive to the consumer
package deal (n) (holiday) viaje (m) organizado; vacaciones (f) organizadas; (deal) oferta (f); (agreement) acuerdo (m) global
package deals aimed at the under-30s before booking a package deal make certain there are no hidden extras it is likely that any agreement will be a package deal that will involve both the Westerners and the Israelis free colour portable TV or midi hi-fi with selected TV/video package deals they rejected the package deal put forward by the management
package holiday (Britain)package vacation (US) (n) viaje (m) organizado; vacaciones (f) organizadas
the beach at Lloret was full of Britons and Germans on package holidays
to go on or take a package holiday hacer un viaje organizado
we decided that going on a package holiday to Spain would be cheaper than holidaying in the UK
package store (n) (US) tienda con licencia para vender bebidas alcohólicas
package tour (n) viaje (m) organizado
American tourists on package tours of Europe American tourists on package tours of Europe
Phrases with "package"
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now send the package you want to apply
ahora envía el paquete que quieres aplicar
I gave John a package yesterday
le di un paquete a John ayer
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