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transitive verb
1. arrollar (enemy, opponent)
  • to be overwhelmed with joy no caber en sí de alegría
  • overwhelmed by grief/with work abrumado(a) por la pena/el trabajo
overwhelm [ˌəʊvəˈwelm]
transitive verb
1 (defeat) [+opponent, team] arrollar; aplastar
Soviet armed forces had the power to overwhelm NATO's Northern Army Group within days Yugoslavia overwhelmed Austria 4-1 in Belgrade
2 (overcome) [+difficulties, fear, loneliness] abrumar
sorrow overwhelmed him estaba abrumado por el dolor; try not to let panic overwhelm you intenta que el pánico no se apodere de ti; I felt overwhelmed by events/her me sentía abrumado por los acontecimientos/por ella
I felt overwhelmed by her some of you may feel overwhelmed or intimidated by her he gives in before difficulties, they overwhelm him feelings of fear, inadequacy and loneliness can overwhelm her the public were not overwhelmed when the children misbehaved she was overwhelmed and unable to cope "how did you know?" he gasped, overwhelmed I was overwhelmed - "I don't know how to thank you" I said I won 54 votes to 48. I was completely overwhelmed; you could have knocked me down with a feather we were overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place to be overwhelmed
he was overwhelmed by their kindness su amabilidad le dejó abrumado or le conmovió profundamente; she was overwhelmed with grief estaba sumida en la tristeza; she was overwhelmed with joy rebosaba de alegría
3 (inundate, overload) (with work) abrumar; agobiar; (with questions, requests, information) atosigar
you shouldn't overwhelm the customer with too much information no deberías atosigar al cliente con demasiada información; we have been overwhelmed with offers of help nos han inundado las ofertas de ayuda
we've been overwhelmed with requests for a repeat showing of the programme teachers regularly complained they were overwhelmed by the work load
Verb Conjugations for abrumar
Gerund: abrumando
Participle: abrumado
yome abrumome abruméme abrumabame abrumaríame abrumaré
te abrumaste abrumastete abrumabaste abrumaríaste abrumarás
él/ella/ abrumase abrumóse abrumabase abrumaríase abrumará
nosotrosnos abrumamosnos abrumamosnos abrumábamosnos abrumaríamosnos abrumaremos
vosotrosos abrumáisos abrumasteisos abrumabaisos abrumaríaisos abrumaréis
ellos/ellas/ abrumanse abrumaronse abrumabanse abrumaríanse abrumarán
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