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adjetivo [ˈəʊvəsiːz]
1. extranjero(a) ; exterior (trade, debt)
  • overseas possessions territorios mpl de ultramar
adverbio [əʊvəˈsiːz]
2. fuera del país
overseas [ˌəʊvəˈsiːz]
[+be, live] en el extranjero; allende el mar (literary)
to go overseas ir al extranjero; to travel overseas viajar por el extranjero; visitors from overseas visitas (f) del extranjero; to be posted overseas ser destinado al extranjero
[+student] extranjero; [+duty, trade] exterior; (Mil) [+service] en el extranjero; en ultramar
overseas market mercado (m) exterior; a company with overseas interests una empresa con intereses en el extranjero; she was given an overseas posting/assignment la destinaron al extranjero
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