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(pt outgrew [aʊtˈgruː], pp outgrown [aʊtˈgrəʊn])
transitive verb
1. hacerse demasiado mayor para (toys)
  • he's outgrown the jacket se le ha quedado pequeña la chaqueta
  • he should have outgrown that habit by now ya no tiene edad para esas cosas
  • to have outgrown one's friends tener ya poco en común or poco que ver con los amigos
outgrow [aʊtˈɡrəʊ] outgrew (past) [aʊtˈɡruː] outgrown (participle:past) [aʊtˈɡrəʊn]
transitive verb
crecer más que; [+habit etc] perder con la edad; [+defect, illness] curarse de ... con la edad
to outgrow one's clothes quedarle pequeña la ropa a algn; she has outgrown her gloves se le han quedado pequeños los guantes; we've outgrown all that todo eso ha quedado ya atrás
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