1. (outside) 
Most plants grow better outdoors.La mayoría de las plantas crecen mejor al aire libre.
b. fuera 
Stop playing video games and go play outdoors.Deja de jugar videojuegos y ve a jugar fuera.
2. (nature) 
We're going to spend the weekend exploring the outdoors.Vamos a pasar el fin de semana explorando la naturaleza.
The outdoors will do you good; you spend too much time in the office.El aire libre te hará bien; pasas demasiado tiempo en la oficina.
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
the great outdoorsla naturaleza, el campo
2. (general) 
a. fuera 
the wedding will be held outdoorsla boda se celebrará al aire libre
to sleep outdoorsdormir al raso
outdoors [ˈaʊtˈdɔːz]
1 (outside) fuera
go and play outdoors id a jugar fuera; to go outdoors salir fuera; outdoors, there are three heated swimming pools afuera, hay tres piscinas climatizadas
they would happily stay outdoors all day if you let them
2 (in the open air) [+exercise, bathe] al aire libre; [+sleep] al raso
to be outdoors There is a cool breeze, but it's nice to be outdoors "Oh, it's grand to be outdoors again!" she said Wear sun protection all the time you're outdoors
campo (m) abierto
the great outdoors la naturaleza
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