feminine noun
1. (container) 
Introduce los chorizos en la orza y llénala con aceite de oliva.Put the chorizos in the glazed earthenware jar and fill it with olive oil.
2. (nautical) 
a. centerboard (United States) 
Ahora vamos a derivar hasta que el viento esté de popa, y subiremos la orza.Now we're going to fall off until we're running with the wind, and then we'll raise the centerboard.
b. centreboard (United Kingdom) 
La orza impide que el barco se deslice al navegar de ceñida.The centreboard keeps the boat from sideslipping while close-hauled.
(jarra) glazed earthenware jar
(Náutica) luff; luffing
ir de orza to be on the wrong track
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