"orientar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to direct (dirigir)
  • mi ventana está orientada hacia el sur -> my window faces south o is south-facing
2. to give advice o guidance to (aconsejar)
3. (medidas, fondos)
  • orientar hacia -> to direct toward o at
pronomial verb
1. (dirigirse) (foco)
  • orientarse a -> to point toward o at
2. to get one's bearings, to find one's way around (encontrar el camino)
3. (encaminarse)
  • orientarse hacia -> to be aiming at

orientar [o-re-en-tar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To turn a thing to the eastward.
2. To orientate, to orient, to find the petition of with regard to the cardinal points.
  • Orientar una vela -> (Naut.) to trim a sail
3. To guide (guiar), to direct.
  • Me ha orientado en la materia -> he has guided me through the subject
verb reflexive
4. To know the place which is occupied, to find one’s bearings (persona).
5. To confide the course to be taken.

1 (situar)
orientar algo hacia o a algo to position sth to face sth; orientaron la parabólica hacia el norte they positioned the satellite dish to face north; they put the satellite dish facing north; la casa está orientada hacia el suroeste the house faces south-west; the house looks south-west
2 (enfocar) to direct
tenemos que orientar nuestros esfuerzos hacia un aumento de la productividad we must direct our efforts towards improving productivity; hay que orientar las investigaciones en otro sentido we shall have to follow a different path of enquiry; cómics orientados a un público adulto comics oriented o targeted at adult readers
3 (guiar) to guide
me ha orientado en la materia he has guided me through the subject; he has given me guidance about the subject
4 (Náutica) [+vela] to trim
1 (encontrar el camino) to get one's bearings
es difícil orientarse en esta ciudad it's hard to get one's bearings in this city; it's hard to find one's way around in this city
2 (tender)
su estilo se orienta hacia lo abstracto his style tends towards the abstract

Verb Conjugations for "orientar" (go to to guide, to point, ot orientate, to direct)


yo oriento orienté orientaba orientaría orientaré
orientas orientaste orientabas orientarías orientarás
él/ella/Ud. orienta orientó orientaba orientaría orientará
nosotros orientamos orientamos orientábamos orientaríamos orientaremos
vosotros orientáis orientasteis orientabais orientaríais orientaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. orientan orientaron orientaban orientarían orientarán
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