transitive verb
1. (to structure) 
a. to organize (United States) 
La biblioteca está muy bien organizada.The library is very well organized.
b. to organise (United Kingdom) 
He organizado los libros por género y entonces autor.I've organised the books by genre and then author.
2. (to arrange and plan) 
a. to organize (United States) 
Voy a organizar una fiesta sorpresa para mi hermana.I'm going to organize a surprise party for my sister.
b. to organise (United Kingdom) 
Organizamos una reunión del consejo de padres y maestros cada mes.We organise a meeting of the parent teacher council every month.
3. (to create) (Spain) 
a. to cause 
Los manifestantes organizaron un tremendo lío afuera de la reunión del G6.The protesters caused a huge commotion outside the G6 summit.
reflexive verb
4. (to plan one's time) 
a. to organize oneself (United States) 
Me tengo que organizar mejor para aprovechar el tiempo.I have to organize myself better to make good use of time.
b. to organise oneself (United Kingdom) 
El candidato ideal deberá, desde luego, saber organizarse sin mucha supervisión.The ideal candidate should, of course, know how to organise herself without much supervision.
pronominal verb
5. (to break out) (Spain) 
Se organizó una pelea afuera del bar.There was a fight outside the bar.
Cuando el jugador del Real Madrid se fue al Barcelona, se organizó menudo escándalo.When the Real Madrid player left for Barcelona, all hell broke loose.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to organize 
pronominal verb
2. (persona) 
a. to organize oneself 
3. (pelea, lío) (Spain) 
a. to break out, to happen suddenly 
transitive verb
1 [+fiesta, espectáculo] to organize
2 [+jaleo, pelea]
los marineros organizaron un auténtico alboroto the sailors created o made a real commotion; ¡menuda has organizado! you've really stirred things up, haven't you!
pronominal verb
1 [+persona] to organize o.s.; get o.s. organized
te tienes que organizar mejor you need to organize yourself better; you need to get yourself better organized
2 [+jaleo, pelea]
se organizó una pelea tremenda there was a terrific punch-up (familiar)
Verb Conjugations for organizar
Present Participle: organizando
Past Participle: organizado
Irregular forms are in red
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