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ordinario, -a
1. ordinary, usual (común)
  • de ordinario, -a -> usually
2. common, coarse (vulgar)
3. unexceptional (no selecto)
4. ≅ second class (correo); of first instance (tribunal)
masculine or feminine noun
5. common o coarse person

ordinario [or-de-nah’-re-o]
1. Ordinary, settled establishment of daily expense: commonly applied to the expenses of the table. (m)
2. Ordinary, established judge of ecclesiastical causes. (m)
3. Ordinary, a bishop. (m)
4. Mail, post, or courier, who goes and arrives at stated times (recadero). (m)
5. The carrier, muleteer, or driver of beasts of burden, who usually goes and comes from one place to another. (m)
6. Ordinary, a book containing the prayers of the mass. (m)
  • De ordinario -> regularly, commonly

1 (normal) ordinary
escribió la carta en papel ordinario un congreso ordinario del partido se hizo un chequeo ordinario tuve que realizar el trámite ordinario
de ordinario usually; de ordinario coge el autobús para ir a trabajar he usually takes the bus to work
2 (vulgar) [+persona] common; [+comportamiento, modales] coarse
son gente muy ordinaria they're very common people; solo cuenta chistes ordinarios he only tells crude jokes
1 (Religión) ordinary
ordinario de la misa Ordinary of the mass
2 (gastos) daily household expenses
; (p)
3 (recadero) carrier; delivery man

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