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1. opinión (f)
  • in my opinion en mi opinión
  • to be of the opinion that… ser de la opinión de que…
  • to ask somebody's opinion pedir la opinión de alguien
  • to form an opinion of something/somebody formarse una opinión sobre algo/alguien
  • to have a high/low opinion of somebody tener (una) buena/mala opinión de alguien
  • what is your opinion of him? ¿qué opinas de él?
  • opinion poll or survey sondeo (m) de opinión, encuesta (f)
opinion [əˈpɪnjən]
1 (belief, view) opinión (f)
what's your opinion of him? ¿qué opinas de él?; ¿qué opinión te merece?; what's your opinion of this book? ¿qué opinas de este libro?; ¿qué opinión te merece este libro?; well, that's my opinion por lo menos eso pienso yo
I do not share your opinion his opinion doesn't count that improved Mrs Gould's already favourable opinion of him everyone is entitled to their political opinions there are two schools of medical opinion on this subject
to ask sb's opinion (on or about sth) pedir a algn su opinión or parecer (sobre or acerca de algo)
when I want your opinion I'll ask for it! ¡cuando quiera saber tu opinión, te la pediré!; if you ask my opinion, he's hiding something mi opinión es que está ocultando algo
find a fish seller you can trust and ask his opinion about which fish is best on a particular day
there are differences of opinion as to what happened hay discordancia or discrepancia de opiniones respecto a lo que pasó
to [echo] sb's opinion Foss echoes the opinion of top US military commanders on allowing gays in the military to [express] one's/an opinion Eleanor rarely expressed an opinion she expressed the opinion that they may be right most who expressed an opinion spoke favourably of Thomas they are afraid to express their opinion
to form an opinion of sth/sb formarse una opinión sobre algo/algn
I'll leave you to form your own opinion of her I doubt if I know enough to form an intelligent opinion the police later formed the opinion that the bomb had been concealed in a 35 mm film canister "but you must have formed some opinion of Mourne," Ryle persisted
to have or hold an opinion on or about sth tener una opinión sobre or acerca de algo
many people have very strong opinions about this mucha gente tiene opiniones muy definidas sobre or acerca de esto; she held the opinion that ... opinaba que ...
we hold the same opinion/different opinions on this he held no opinion on the subject
to have a high or good opinion of sth/sb tener un alto concepto de algo/algn; tener muy buena opinión de algo/algn; to have a poor or low opinion of sth/sb tener un bajo concepto de algo/algn; tener muy mala opinión de algo/algn; she has a very low opinion of herself tiene un concepto muy bajo de sí misma; I haven't much of an opinion of him no tengo un alto concepto de él; no tengo muy buena opinión de él
she has a very high opinion of you he has an extraordinarily high opinion of her abilities I did not have a very high opinion of his intelligence I don't have a good opinion of government and never have those who rallied to Gates had a high opinion of him as a general he has a low opinion of journalists many of the students had a low opinion of their abilities as engineers to have a [high] opinion of o.s. he has a high opinion of his own importance
in my opinion en mi opinión; a mi juicio
[in] the opinion of those who know [in] the opinion of this court "you have heard the opinion of the court" says the judge
it's a matter of opinion es cuestión de opiniones
whether this should be allowed is a matter of opinion
to be of the opinion that ... opinar que ...
I am entirely of your opinion
2 (judgment) opinión (f)
we need an expert opinion necesitamos la opinión de un experto
it is important to obtain a legal opinion first to take [counsel's] opinion to [give] one's opinion
could you give us your professional opinion? ¿nos puede dar su opinión (como) profesional?
to seek a second opinion pedir una segunda opinión
3 (the prevailing view) opinión (f)
he is in a position to influence opinion está en una posición en la que puede ejercer influencia sobre las opiniones
medical opinion was divided over the case la opinión médica estaba dividida con respecto al caso
they are trying to turn world opinion against the United States están intentando poner al mundo entero en contra de Estados Unidos
contrary to popular opinion boys are more susceptible to peer pressure there were three great leaders who could alter world opinion increasingly opinion shifted toward universal suffrage
opinion poll (n) sondeo (m) (de opinión)
the latest opinion polls give Labour a 4-point lead an opinion poll was conducted for the Guardian
feminine noun
1. opinion
  • en mi opinión no deberíamos ir in my opinion, we shouldn't go
  • ¿cuál es tu opinión al respecto? what's your opinion o view on this matter?
  • he cambiado de opinión I've changed my mind
  • expresar o dar una opinión to give an opinion
  • reservarse la opinión to reserve judgment
  • tener buena/mala opinión de alguien to have a high/low opinion of somebody
  • la opinión pública public opinion
opinion; view
en mi opinión in my opinion o view; ser de la opinión (de) que ... to be of the opinion that ...; take the view that ...; cambiar de opinión to change one's mind; compartir la opinión de algn to share sb's opinion o view; formarse una opinión to form an opinion; mudar de opinión to have a change of mind o opinion
opinión pública public opinion
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