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transitive verb
1. (enfermo)
  • operar a alguien (de algo) to operate on somebody (for something)
  • el médico que la operó the surgeon who operated on her
  • le operaron del hígado they've operated on his liver
  • me han operado de apendicitis I had my appendix out
  • casi me tienen que operar de urgencia I almost needed an emergency operation
2. to bring about, to produce (cambio)
intransitive verb
3. to operate
pronominal verb
1. to be operated on, to have an operation (enfermo)
  • operar del estómago to have a stomach operation
  • se ha operado de un tumor he's had an operation to remove a tumor
2. to occur, to come about (cambio)
transitive verb
1 (producir) [+cambio] to produce; bring about; [+cura] to effect; [+milagro] to work
2 (Med) [+paciente] to operate on
operar a algn de apendicitis to operate on sb for appendicitis
3 [+máquina] to operate; use
4 (dirigir) [+negocio] to manage; run; [+mina] to work; exploit
intransitive verb
1 también (Matemáticas) to operate
2 (Com) to deal; do business
hoy no se ha operado en la bolsa there has been no dealing o trading on the stock exchange today
pronominal verb
1 (producirse) to occur; come about
se han operado grandes cambios great changes have been made o have come about; there have been great changes
2 (Med) to have an operation;de for
Verb Conjugations for operar
Gerund: operando
Participle: operado
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