feminine noun
1. operation (en general)
  • operación quirúrgica (surgical) operation
  • operación retorno/salida = police operation to assist traffic at the end/beginning of popular holiday periods
2. transaction (commerce)
OPERACIÓN RETORNO At the end of major holiday periods (bank holiday weekends, Easter and the month of August) huge efforts are made to reduce the number of accidents and traffic jams as Spanish holiday-makers head home from the coasts and mountains. Known as Operación Retorno, this exercise involves many special measures: for example, road works can be suspended for the weekend, and in congested areas heavy lorries can be kept off the roads, while helicopters are used to observe progress and spot problem areas. The success (or otherwise) of the enterprise is usually front-page news on the following Monday
1 (acción) operation
operaciones de rescate operaciones de salvamento rescue operations
operación retorno (España) effort to control traffic returning to a big city after a major holiday
2 (Med) operation
una operación de estómago a stomach operation; an operation on the stomach
operación a corazón abierto open-heart surgery
operación cesárea Caesarean; Caesarean operation
operación quirúrgica surgical operation
3 (Mil) operation
operaciones conjuntas joint operations
operación de ablandamiento softening-up operation
operación de limpia operación de limpieza mopping up operation
4 (Com) transaction; deal
operación a plazo forward transaction
operaciones bursátiles operaciones de bolsa stock-exchange transactions
operación "llave en mano" turnkey operation
operación mercantil business deal
5 (Matemáticas) operation
6 (Latinoamérica) (Minería) operation; working; exploitation; (Com) management
operaciones accesorias (Informática) housekeeping
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