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1. principio (m) (of play, new era); apertura (f) (of negotiations);
    sesión (f) inaugural
2. abertura (f) agujero (m) (gap)
3. entrada (f) (of cave, tunnel)
4. oportunidad (f) (opportunity); puesto (m) vacante (job)
  • opening address or speech presentación (f) del caso (in court case)
  • opening batsman bateador (m) inicial (in cricket)
  • opening ceremony ceremonia (f) inaugural or de apertura
  • opening gambit gambito (m) de salida; (in chess) táctica (f) inicial (in conversation, negotiation)
  • opening hours horario (m) de apertura
  • opening time hora (f) de abrir (of pub) (británico)
opening [ˈəʊpnɪŋ]
[+remark] primer(o); [+ceremony, speech] de apertura; inaugural; [+price] inicial;
1 (gap) abertura (f); (in wall) brecha (f); agujero (m); (in clouds, trees) claro (m)
2 (beginning) comienzo (m); principio (m); (Cards) (Chess) apertura (f); (first showing) (Teat) estreno (m); [of exhibition] inauguración (f); [of parliament] apertura (f)
3 (chance) oportunidad (f); (post) puesto (m) vacante; vacante (f)
to give one's opponent an opening dar una oportunidad or darle chance al adversario; (LAm) to give sb an opening for sth dar a algn la oportunidad de hacer algo
opening hours (n) horas (f) de abrir
opening night (n) (Teat) noche (f) de estreno; [of club etc] inauguración (f)
opening price (n) cotización (f) de apertura
opening stock (n) existencias (f) iniciales
opening time (n) hora (f) de apertura
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