"olia" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to smell
  • desde aquí huelo el tabaco -> I can smell the cigarette smoke from here
intransitive verb
2. to smell (despedir olor)(a of)
  • ¡qué mal huele aquí! -> it smells awful here!
  • este guisado huele que alimenta -> this stew smells delicious
  • oler a rayos -> to stink (to high heaven)
3. (parecer)
  • oler a -> to smack of
pronomial verb
1. (persona)
  • olerse algo -> to sense something
  • ya me olía yo algo así -> I suspected as much

oler [o-lerr’]
article & verb transitive
1. To smell, to scent, to snort (cocaína).
2. To smell, to find out, to search, to scent, to discover (descubrir).
3. To pry, to inspect curiously.
verb neuter
4. To smell, to strike the nostrils. (n)
5. To smell, to have a particular tincture or smack of any quality. (n)
  • Oler a chamusquina -> to come from hot words to hard blows
  • No oler bien alguna cosa -> (Met.) to be a suspicious thing
6. OLER.

1 (percibir por la nariz) to smell
me gusta oler las flores I like smelling the flowers
2 (sospechar) to suspect
ha olido lo que estás tramando he suspects what you're up to; he's smelt a rat (familiar)
3 (curiosear) to poke one's nose into (familiar)
siempre anda oliendo lo que hacen los demás he's always poking his nose into other people's affairs
1 (despedir olor) to smell;a of, like
huele muy bien [+comida] it smells very good; [+flor, perfume] it smells very nice; huele fatal it smells foul; huele que apesta it stinks; ¡qué mal huelen estos zapatos! these shoes smell awful!; huele a humedad it smells of damp; huele a tabaco it smells of cigarette smoke; aquí huele a quemado there's a smell of burning in here; le huele el aliento his breath smells; te huelen los pies your feet smell; huele que alimenta (familiar) (muy bien) it smells heavenly; (muy mal) it smells foul; it stinks to high heaven (familiar)
2 (indicando desconfianza)
sus excusas me huelen a camelo his excuses sound a bit fishy to me (familiar)
oler a chamusquina: todo esto me huele a chamusquina the whole thing sounds fishy to me
olerse (sospechar) to suspect
nadie se había olido nada nobody had suspected anything; se olía que no iban a venir he had the feeling o suspicion that they weren't going to come
me huelo que se ha enfadado con nosotras

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