1. (petroleum) 
They want to drill for oil in the nature reserve.Quieren explotar petróleo en la reserva natural.
2. (lubricant) 
a. el aceite (M) 
Forgetting to put oil in the engine is a common mistake.Olvidarse de poner aceite en el motor es un error común.
3. (culinary) 
a. el aceite (M) 
The only dressing I use on my salad is olive oil and vinegar.El único aderezo que le pongo a mi ensalada es aceite de oliva y vinagre.
4. (fine art) 
a. el óleo (M) 
You can learn how to paint with oil at your own pace.Puedes aprender a pintar al óleo a tu propio ritmo.
transitive verb
5. (to lubricate) 
a. lubricar 
The last owner did not oil the engine at all.Su antiguo dueño no lubricó en absoluto el motor.
b. engrasar 
Make sure the screws are well oiled.Asegúrate de que los tornillos estén bien engrasados.
1. (for cooking, lubricating) 
a. el aceite (M) 
2. (petroleum) 
a. el petróleo (M) 
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to pour oil on troubled waterscalmar los ánimos
oil companycompañía petrolera
oil drumbidón de petróleo
oil lamplámpara de aceite
oil paintpintura al óleo
oil paintingóleo m
4. (fig hum) 
a. no direct translation 
he's/she's no oil paintingno es ninguna belleza
oil refineryrefinería de petróleo
oil rigplataforma petrolífera
oil slickmarea negra
oil tankerpetrolero m
oil wellpozo petrolífero or de petróleo
transitive verb
5. (machine) 
a. engrasar, lubricar 
6. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to oil the wheelsallanar el terreno
oil [ɔɪl]
1 also (Aut) aceite (m); (holy oil) crisma (f); santo óleo (m)
to check the oil (Aut) etc revisar el nivel del aceite
to pour oil on troubled waters calmar los ánimos
to pour oil on the flames echar más leña al fuego
The Chancellor scrapped MIRAS, thereby pouring yet more oil on the flames of the house boom In this view, giving shaky banks new powers would just pour oil on the flames
2 (Geol) (as mineral) petróleo (m)
to strike oil encontrar petróleo; encontrar un filón
3 (Art) óleo (m)
an oil by Rembrandt un óleo de Rembrandt; to paint in oils pintar al óleo
transitive verb
lubricar; engrasar
to oil the wheels allanar el terreno
to be well oiled ir a la vela (informal)
oil change (n) (Aut) cambio (m) de aceite
oil colours (n) (Art) óleos (m)
oil deposits (n) (Geol) yacimientos (m) de petróleo
oil filter (n) (Aut) filtro (m) de aceite
oil gauge (n) (Aut) indicador (m) de(l) aceite
oil industry (n) industria (f) del petróleo
oil lamp (n) lámpara (f) de aceite; quinqué (m)
oil level (n) nivel (m) del aceite
oil paint (n) (Art) óleo (m); pintura (f) al óleo
...De Kooning's remark that oil paint was made to convey flesh
oil painting (n) (Art) pintura (f) al óleo
she's no oil painting no es ninguna belleza
oil pipeline (n) oleoducto (m)
oil platform (n) plataforma (f) petrolífera
oil pollution (n) contaminación (f) petrolífera
oil pressure (n) (Aut) presión (f) del aceite
oil refinery (n) refinería (f) de petróleo
oil rig (n) torre (f) de perforación; (Náut) plataforma (f) de perforación submarina
oil slick (n) (large) marea (f) negra; (small) mancha (f) de petróleo; capa (f) de petróleo (en el agua)
oil spill (n) (act) fuga (f) de petróleo; (substance)
oil slick See culture box in entry oil.
oil stove (n) (for cooking) cocina (f) de petróleo; (for heating) estufa (f) de petróleo
oil tanker (n) petrolero (m)
oil terminal (n) terminal (f) petrolífera
oil well (n) pozo (m) de petróleo
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