intransitive verb
1. (to take place) 
a. to happen 
¿Sabes qué ocurrió aquí?Do you know what happened here?
pronominal verb
2. (to come to mind) 
Se me ocurre que nunca te felicité cuando te casaste.It occurs to me that I never congratulated you when you got married.
Se le ocurrió vender en mercados locales.He had the idea of selling at local markets.
¿Se te ocurre un título para nuestro proyecto?Can you think of a title for our project?
intransitive verb
1. (suceder) 
a. to happen 
nadie sabe lo que ocurriónobody knows what happened
¿qué ocurre?what's the matter?
¿qué le ocurre a Juan?what's up with Juan?
¿te ocurre algo?is anything the matter?
lo que ocurre es que…the thing is…
pronominal verb
2. (venir a la cabeza) 
no se me ocurre ninguna soluciónI can't think of a solution
se me ha ocurrido una ideaI've got an idea
¡ni se te ocurra!don't even think about it!
se me ocurre que…it occurs to me that…
¡se te ocurre cada cosa!you do come out with some funny things!
intransitive verb
to happen
ha ocurrido algo horrible something terrible has happened; lo que ocurrió podría haberse evitado what happened could have been avoided; por lo que pudiera ocurrir because of what might happen; ocurre que ... it (so) happens that ...; ¿qué ocurre? what's going on?; ¿qué te ocurre? what's the matter?; lo que ocurre es que ... the thing is ...
pronominal verb
se nos ocurrió una idea buenísima we had a brilliant idea; ¿se te ocurre algo? can you think of anything?; se le ocurrió hacerlo he thought of doing it; ¡ni se te ocurra (hacerlo)! don't even think about (doing) it!; ¡se te ocurren unas cosas! you've got some right ideas!; si se le ocurre huir if he takes it into his head to escape; ¿cómo no se te ocurrió pensar que ...? didn't it cross your mind that ...?; se me ocurre que ... it occurs to me that ...; nunca se me había ocurrido it had never crossed my mind; ¿a quién se le ocurre presentarse a medianoche? who in their right mind would turn up in the middle of the night?
Verb Conjugations for ocurrir
Gerund: ocurriendo
Participle: ocurrido
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