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intransitive verb
1. to happen (suceder)
  • nadie sabe lo que ocurrió nobody knows what happened
  • ¿qué ocurre? what's the matter?
  • ¿qué le ocurre a Juan? what's up with Juan?
  • ¿te ocurre algo? is anything the matter?
  • lo que ocurre es que… the thing is…
pronominal verb
1. (venir a la cabeza)
  • no se me ocurre ninguna solución I can't think of a solution
  • se me ha ocurrido una idea I've got an idea
  • ¡ni se te ocurra! don't even think about it!
  • se me ocurre que… it occurs to me that…
  • ¡se te ocurre cada cosa! you do come out with some funny things!
intransitive verb
to happen
ha ocurrido algo horrible something terrible has happened; lo que ocurrió podría haberse evitado what happened could have been avoided; por lo que pudiera ocurrir because of what might happen; ocurre que ... it (so) happens that ...; ¿qué ocurre? what's going on?; ¿qué te ocurre? what's the matter?; lo que ocurre es que ... the thing is ...
pronominal verb
se nos ocurrió una idea buenísima we had a brilliant idea; ¿se te ocurre algo? can you think of anything?; se le ocurrió hacerlo he thought of doing it; ¡ni se te ocurra (hacerlo)! don't even think about (doing) it!; ¡se te ocurren unas cosas! you've got some right ideas!; si se le ocurre huir if he takes it into his head to escape; ¿cómo no se te ocurrió pensar que ...? didn't it cross your mind that ...?; se me ocurre que ... it occurs to me that ...; nunca se me había ocurrido it had never crossed my mind; ¿a quién se le ocurre presentarse a medianoche? who in their right mind would turn up in the middle of the night?
Verb Conjugations for ocurrir
Gerund: ocurriendo
Participle: ocurrido
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