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occurs is the plural form of occur.
(pt & pp occurred)
intransitive verb
1. suceder, ocurrir (event); darse, surgir (opportunity)
  • his name occurs several times in the report su nombre aparece varias veces en el informe or reporte (Am)
2. (idea)
  • when did the idea occur to you? ¿cuándo se te ocurrió esa idea?
occur [əˈkɜːʳ]
intransitive verb
1 (happen) ocurrir; suceder
to occur again volver a suceder; repetirse; don't let it (ever) occur again que no se vuelva a repetir (nunca); if a vacancy occurs si se produce una vacante; if the opportunity occurs si se presenta la oportunidad
2 (be found) darse; encontrarse
the plant occurs all over Spain la planta se da en todas partes en España
3 (come to mind)
to occur to sb ocurrírsele a algn; it occurs to me that ... se me ocurre que ...; it occurred to me to ask him se me ocurrió preguntárselo; such an idea would never have occurred to her semejante idea jamás se le hubiera ocurrido or pasado por la mente
Verb Conjugations for ocurrir
Gerund: ocurriendo
Participle: ocurrido
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