transitive verb
1. (to compel) 
a. to force 
The police officer forced me to stop even though I wasn't speeding. El policía me obligó a detenerme aunque no manejaba sobre el límite de velocidad.
b. to make 
Me obligó a contarle lo que había pasado.He made me tell him what had happened.
c. to bind 
The law binds companies to reduce levels of pollution.La ley obliga a las empresas a reducir los niveles de contaminación.
d. to oblige 
El tratado los obliga a elaborar nuevas normas laborales.The treaty obliges them to develop new work rules.
pronominal verb
2. (to make oneself do) 
a. to force oneself 
Todos los días me obligo a hacer ejercicio.I force myself to do some execise everyday.
3. (to pledge to) 
a. to commit oneself 
No, gracias. Me obligué a dejar de tomar alcohol por un año.No, thanks. I've committed myself not to drink alcohol for a year.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
obligar a alguien a hacer algo/a que haga algoto oblige o force somebody to do something, to make somebody do something
yo no quería hacerlo, me obligaronI didn't want to do it, they forced me to o they made me
no lo compres, nadie te obligadon't buy it, nobody is forcing you
la obligué a que me contestaseI forced her to answer me, I made her answer me
pronominal verb
2. (general) 
obligarse a hacer algoto undertake to do something
transitive verb
1 (forzar) to force
obligar a algn a hacer algo to force sb to do sth; me han obligado a venir they forced me to come
nadie te obliga a aceptar este empleo tú me obligas a tomar esta decisión
la obligan a estudiar francés they make her study French
2 [+ley, norma]
la disposición obliga a todos los contribuyentes all taxpayers are bound to observe this requirement; this requirement is binding on all taxpayers
3 (empujar) to force
solo se puede cerrar el cajón obligándolo you can't get the drawer shut except by forcing it
pronominal verb
tengo que obligarme a ir al gimnasio cada día I have to force myself to go to the gym every day; me obligo a cumplir los términos del contrato I undertake to fulfil the terms of the contract
Verb Conjugations for obligar
Gerund: obligando
Participle: obligado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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