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obligation, duty


feminine noun
1. obligation, duty (deber, imposición)
  • por obligación -> out of a sense of duty
2. bond, security (finance)
  • obligación convertible -> convertible bond
  • obligación del Estado -> Treasury bond, gilt (British)

obligación [o-ble-cah-the-on']
1. Obligation, the binding power of an oath, vow or duty; contract. (f)
2. (For.) Obligation, bond; written security for the carrying out of something. (f)
3. Obligation, duty of acknowledging a benefit received. (f)
4. Obligation, bond, of a public debt or of a company, bearing interest. (f)
5. Provision office, the place where provisions are sold, pursuant to a previous contract. (Academy) (f)
noun, plural
6. Character and integrity which a man must possess to be worthy of esteem.
  • Es hombre de obligaciones -> he is a man of integrity and honor
7. Family which one is obliged to maintain.
8. Engagements.
  • Faltar a sus obligaciones -> to fall in one's duty
  • Primero es la obligación que la devoción -> business before pleasure

1 (responsabilidad) obligation; duty
cumplir con una obligación to fulfil an obligation; faltar a sus obligaciones to fail in one's obligations o duty; neglect one's obligations o duty; tener obligación de hacer algo to have a duty to do sth; be under an obligation to do sth
primero es la obligación que la devoción business before pleasure
2 (Com) (Economía) bond; security
obligación convertible convertible bond; convertible debenture
obligación de banco bank bill
obligaciones del Estado government bonds; government securities
obligación tributaria (México) tax liability

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