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1. entumecido(a)
  • to be numb estar entumecido(a)
  • to go numb entumecerse
  • numb with cold entumecido(a) por el frío
  • numb with fear paralizado(a) por el miedo
transitive verb
2. entumecer (of cold, grief); paralizar (of terror)
numb [nʌm]
1 (with cold) entumecido
my legs feel numb (from bad circulation etc) se me han dormido las piernas; my fingers have gone numb (gen) se me han dormido los dedos; (with cold) se me han entumecido los dedos; my feet were numb with cold tenía los pies entumecidos de frío
2 (with fear, shock) paralizado
to be numb with fright estar paralizado de miedo; when I heard about the accident I just felt numb cuando me enteré del accidente me quedé atontado or sin poder reaccionar
transitive verb
1 (deaden) (with injection) adormecer
the cold wind numbed my face el viento frío me dejó la cara entumecida; alcohol was the only thing that numbed the pain el alcohol era la única cosa que aplacaba el dolor; repeated images of violence have numbed people to the reality of war la continua exposición a escenas violentas ha insensibilizado a la gente frente a la realidad de la guerra
2 (stun) atontar
I was numbed by the news of his death la noticia de su muerte me dejó atontado or sin poder reaccionar
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