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feminine noun
1. (piece of) news (Literario)
  • buena nueva -> good news

nueva [noo-ay'-vah]
1. News, fresh amount of anything. (f)
1. New, not old; novel, modern, fresh.
2. New, having the effect of novelty, not known before.
3. New, renovated, repaired.
4. New, not being before.
5. Recently arrived in a country or place.
6. Inexperienced, not habituated, not familiar.
7. Beginning.
  • De nuevo, again, a new, recently, of late. ¿Qué hay de nuevo -> what is the news
  • Es nuevo en el oficio -> he's new to the trade
  • Somos nuevos aquí -> we're new here
  • La casa es nueva -> the house is new
Is there any news?

(noticia) piece of news
nuevas news
coger a algn de nuevas to take sb by surprise
me cogió de nuevas it took me by surprise; it was news to me
hacerse de nuevas to pretend to be surprised

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