1. (relating to atomic energy) 
a. nuclear 
Safety drills are a necessity in any nuclear facility.Los ejercicios de seguridad son necesarios en toda instalación nuclear.
b. atómico 
Nuclear power is very clean, but it comes with some serious risk factors.La energía atómica es muy limpia, pero viene acompañada de riesgos considerables.
2. (relating to nuclear weapons) 
a. nuclear 
The nation feared that their neighbor to the north was developing a nuclear missile.El país temía que su vecino al norte estuviera construyendo un misil nuclear.
b. atómico 
The constant threat of nuclear war loomed over our heads in the sixties.La amenaza de la guerra atómica dominaba nuestras vidas en los años sesenta.
3. (physics) 
a. nuclear 
Ana María is a nuclear physicist researching the behavior of subatomic particles.Ana María es física nuclear y estudia el comportamiento de las partículas subatómicas.
1. (general) 
a. nuclear 
nuclear disarmamentdesarme nuclear
nuclear energyenergía nuclear
nuclear familyfamilia nuclear
nuclear physicsfísica nuclear
nuclear powerenergía nuclear or atómica
nuclear power stationcentral nuclear
nuclear war(fare)guerra nuclear or atómica
nuclear warheadcabeza nuclear
nuclear wasteresiduos nucleares
nuclear weaponarma nuclear or atómica
nuclear winterinvierno nuclear
nuclear [ˈnjuːklɪəʳ]
(Fís) (Mil) nuclear
nuclear age (n) era (f) nuclear
nuclear bomb (n) bomba (f) nuclear
nuclear capability (n) capacidad (f) nuclear
The country no longer retains a nuclear capability
nuclear deterrent (n) fuerza (f) disuasiva nuclear
They want to keep a minimum nuclear deterrent in the form of Trident missiles
nuclear disarmament (n) desarme (m) nuclear
nuclear energy (n) energía (f) nuclear
nuclear family (n) familia (f) nuclear
nuclear fission (n) fisión (f) nuclear
nuclear fuel (n) combustible (m) nuclear
nuclear fusion (n) fusión (f) nuclear
the nuclear industry (n) la industria nuclear
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (n) Tratado (m) de No Proliferación Nuclear
nuclear physicist (n) físicoafísica (m) (f) nuclear;a física
nuclear physics (n) física (f) nuclear
nuclear power (n) energía (f) nuclear
The inventors claim that their device can produce electricity more cheaply than nuclear power
nuclear power station nuclear (power) plant (n) central (f) nuclear
nuclear reaction (n) reacción (f) nuclear
nuclear reactor (n) reactor (m) nuclear
nuclear shelter (n) refugio (m) antinuclear
nuclear submarine (n) submarino (m) nuclear
nuclear test (n) prueba (f) nuclear
nuclear testing (n) pruebas (f) nucleares
The country is poised to resume nuclear testing
nuclear war (n) guerra (f) nuclear
nuclear waste (n) desechos (m) nucleares
nuclear weapon (n) arma (f) nuclear
nuclear winter (n) invierno (m) nuclear
1. (relating to atomic energy) 
a. nuclear 
Los ecologistas protestaron contra la construcción de la planta nuclear.Ecologists protested against the building of the nuclear plant.
2. (relating to the nucleus of a cell) 
a. nuclear 
La membrana nuclear protege a los cromosomas.The nuclear membrane protects the chromosomes.
transitive verb
3. (to combine) (Latin America) 
Nuestra universidad nucleó a los mejores profesores de derecho.Our university brought together the best law professors.
1. (general) 
a. nuclear 
(gen) nuclear
central nuclear nuclear power station
(central nuclear) nuclear power station
transitive verb
1 (reunir) to bring together; (combinar) to combine; (concentrar) to concentrate; [+miembros etc] to provide a focus for; act as a forum for;
2 (liderar) to lead
Verb Conjugations for nuclear
Gerund: nucleando
Participle: nucleado
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