1. (written record) 
a. la nota (F) 
I listened to what she said and took notes.Escuché lo que dijo y tomé notas.
b. el apunte (M) 
When he gave his speech he spoke without notes.Cuando dio su discurso, habló sin ayuda de apuntes.
2. (message) 
a. la nota (F) 
He left a note on the fridge so he didn't forget to buy bread.Dejó una nota en el refrigerador para no olvidarse de comprar pan.
3. (comment) 
a. la nota (F) 
The notes at the bottom of the page refer to bibliographic sources.Las notas al pie de la página remiten a las fuentes bibliográficas.
I left some notes in the margin of your work.Dejé anotaciones al margen de tu trabajo.
The composer had left detailed notes on the manuscript.El compositor había dejado comentarios detallados en el manuscrito.
4. (music) 
a. la nota (F) 
That note is too high for me.Esa nota es demasiado alta para mí.
5. (tone) 
a. el dejo (M) 
I detected a note of sadness in his voice.Noté un dejo de tristeza en su voz.
b. el deje (M) 
There was a note of resignation in his reply.Había un deje de resignación en su respuesta.
6. (flavor or scent) 
a. la nota (F) 
It's a subtle wine with notes of vanilla and lemon.Es un vino sutil con notas de vainilla y limón.
7. (money) (United Kingdom) 
I paid with a 20-pound note.Pagué con un billete de 20 libras.
8. (importance) 
a. no direct translation 
Albert Einstein was a physicist of note.Albert Einstein fue un físico eminente.
His poems are worthy of note.Sus poemas son dignas de mención.
9. (attention) 
a. nota 
We have taken note of your comments and concerns.Hemos tomado nota de sus comentarios y preocupaciones.
10. (finance) 
You have to wait six months to collect payment of the note.Tienes que esperar seis meses para cobrar el pagaré.
11. (official communication) 
a. la nota (F) 
The government sent a note of protest to the ambassador.El gobierno le envió una nota de protesta al embajador.
transitive verb
12. (to observe) 
a. notar 
I noted that they didn't greet each other.Noté que no se saludaron.
13. (to write down) 
a. anotar 
Interviewees' responses were noted.Se anotaron las respuestas de los entrevistados.
b. apuntar 
Could you note the names of all the items?¿Podrías apuntar los nombres de todos los artículos?
1. (short letter, at foot of page, record) 
a. la nota (F) 
(lecture) notesapuntes de clase
to take or make a note of somethingtomar nota de algo
to take note of something/somebodyfijarse en algo/alguien
2. (musical) 
a. la nota (F) 
3. (fig) 
a. el nota f, tono (M) (of doubt, anger) 
on a lighter notepasando a cosas menos serias
4. (banknote) () 
a. el billete (M) 
of noteexcepcional, destacable
transitive verb
5. (notice) 
a. notar 
6. (mention) 
a. señalar 
7. (error, mistake) 
a. advertir 
8. (fact) 
a. darse cuenta de 
please note that…tenga en cuenta que…
note [nəʊt]
1 (written reminder, record) (short) nota (f)
keep a note of all your expenses detalla or anota todos tus gastos
to make or take a note of sth apuntar or anotar algo
she made a quick note of the address I knew that if I didn't make a note I'd lose the thought so I asked to borrow a pen take a note of your responses and turn to page 11
I must make a note to buy some more tengo que hacer una nota para que no se me olvide comprar más
notes apuntes (m); notas (f)
to speak from notes hablar con la ayuda de apuntes or notas
Speaking to Autocue, I should add, is a totally different technique to speaking from notes even though he was speaking from using notes, he still managed to omit several important points a professional speaker, using notes If you are using notes, don't be furtive about them. Audiences are used to seeing vips read speeches on television
to make notes hacer anotaciones
the interviewer made notes throughout the interview
to take notes tomar apuntes
some students didn't bother to take notes take notes during the consultation as the final written report is very concise she read the documents, taking careful notes
to speak without notes hablar sin la ayuda de apuntes or notas
to compare notes (about sth) intercambiar impresiones (acerca de algo)
we compared notes about our respective marriages compare notes and discuss what you have discovered the women were busily comparing notes on the Queen's outfit we'll both go out and do a few interviews, then compare notes afterwards compare notes with your child to see which she thinks is more fun
2 (on text) anotación (f); nota (f); (more detailed) comentario (m)
see note 16 on page 223 véase nota número 16 en la página 223; with an introduction and notes by ... con introducción y comentarios de ...
the margins are full of the composer's notes
author's note nota del autor
to put notes into a text "Notes on Gibbon" he's preparing notes on Byron for students
3 (letter, message) nota (f)
I left him a note saying where I was le dejé una nota diciéndole dónde estaba; just a quick note to tell you ... solo una nota para decirte que ...
drop me a note when you know the date to leave sb a note
4 (official, diplomatic) nota (f)
an official note from the government the formalities of recognition took place this afternoon in Moscow, when the Soviet foreign minister exchanged diplomatic notes with his Lithuanian and Estonian counterparts the FOreign Office has sent a formal diplomatic note to the Saudi Arabian authorities asking for details of investigations into the six Britons still missing
5 (tone) (gen) nota (f); (in voice) dejo (m); deje (m)
the only discordant note was the bad feeling between his two brothers la única nota discordante fue la animosidad entre sus dos hermanos; there was a note of nostalgia in her voice había un dejo or deje de nostalgia en su voz; there was a note of bitterness in her voice había cierto resentimiento en su voz
a note of nostalgia there was an unmistakable note of nostalgia in his voice as he spoke of it with a note of anxiety in his voice her voice held a note of desperation it was not difficult for him to catch the note of bitterness in my voice
the talks ended on a note of optimism las negociaciones se cerraron con una nota de optimismo
the 1980s/evening ended on a high note la década de los ochenta/la velada se cerró con un broche de oro
on a more positive note ... mirando el lado positivo ...
on an optimistic/positive note on a more serious note on a personal/practical note
to sound a note of caution llamar a la prudencia
the team captain sounded a note of caution. "I know we beat them in the first game, but they'll be fielding a stronger side tomorrow Dr Moira Brown, of the Medical Research Council's virology unit sounded a note of caution. "I am very anxious to avoid raising false hopes in people. It could take three years or more for a patent to be granted" Mr Steele sounded a note of caution about future performance, saying that if other retailers were forced to cut prices in the weeks leading up to Christmas, he might have to follow the report sounds a note of caution to future investors
he tried to strike a note of optimism in his speech intentó que su discurso sonara optimista
The Times struck a note of sobriety against the outbreak of alarm in the West at the time. "Fears of the Fall of Constantinople are exaggerated"
his speech struck the right/wrong note su discurso fue/no fue acertado
that word which still strikes a note of dread Jackson's claims have struck the wrong note with leading composer and pianist Richard Rodney Bennett the furniture strikes a traditional note, appropriate to its Edwardian setting
6 (Mús) (sound) nota (f); (key) tecla (f)
she has a deep voice and doesn't even try for the high notes the high/low notes the black/white notes to [give] the note to [hold] a note the singer must hold the note until the conductor signals a "cut" sign an unbroken voice which hit and held every note with perfect ease and clarity I detected a few [wrong] notes here and there
7 (bank note) billete (m)
a five-pound note un billete de cinco libras
there were notes to the value of 50,000 dollars they exchange travellers' cheques at different rates from notes promissory note, note of hand by the end of the month he would be in funds and they would square accounts at last - in the mean time /Wray would give him a note of hand/
8 (importance)
a writer/an artist of note un escritor/un artista destacado or de renombre
he was a mathematician and astronomer of note he was perhaps the first scholar of note to carry the new learning across the Pyrenees And though every historian of note who has dealt with the period has conclusively refuted one significant aspect of Hitler's assertions or another, few have bothered to try to put together the real story the first British scientist of note to become a government minister a politician of note
nothing of note nada digno de mención
they searched the area but found nothing of note there is nothing of note to report he has published nothing of note in the last 10 years
this is a first novel of some note esta es una primera novela que merece atención
Kurt Weill was by then a Broadway presence of some note
9 (notice)
to take note (of sth/sb)
the government should take note of this survey el gobierno debería tomar nota del resultado de esta encuesta; they will take note of what you say tendrán en cuenta lo que digas; people began to take note of him la gente empezó a tenerlo en cuenta or prestarle atención
take note of how your sister behaves - she sets a fine example only the critics took note of the book the difference showed in my results and my bosses took note of it he might take note that I wasn't always famous /bosses, take note/; you are about to learn what your secretary wants from her job we don't have as much money as a two-income household and, Mr Lamont please take note, we pay a higher proportion of income tax than a two-wage household.
worthy of note digno de mención
and here is a point worthy of note some events in the festival are worthy of note nevertheless, certain key changes are worthy of note
transitive verb
1 (observe)
note the statue by Rodin in the entrance hall tomen nota de or fíjense en la estatua de Rodin en el vestíbulo
note the use of alliteration in the first stanza note the time lapse between the theft and the murder
to note that notar que; she noted that his hands were dirty notó que tenía las manos sucias; se dio cuenta de que tenía las manos sucias; please note that there are a limited number of tickets les informamos que el número de entradas es limitado
at every stage people noted how painstaking he was about his work they noted that she showed no surprise at the news of the murder it is important to note that this was not considered a criminal offence note that the matter is not closed yet be aware of, understand it is interesting to note the origin of this word he failed to note the warning on the label
2 (point out)
the report notes that this trend is on the increase el informe señala or indica que esta tendencia se está extendiendo
3 (record officially) tomar nota de
your remarks have been noted hemos tomado nota de sus observaciones
the commitee noted that Mr Platt had failed to advise them of the letter we duly note [that] ...
4 (write down) anotar; apuntar
"today I had a visitor," she noted in her diary a policeman was noting the numberplates of passing cars he noted jokes he wanted to remember in a little black notebook
note issue (n) emisión (f) fiduciaria
between a fifth and a quarter of Hong Kong's coin and note issue circulates outside Hong Kong
notes you notice
The word notes is the present subjunctive form of notar in the second person singular. See the full notar conjugation.
transitive verb
1. (to be aware) 
a. to notice 
Noté que saliste muy temprano de tu casa hoy. I noticed that you left home very early today.
2. (to feel) 
a. to feel 
¿No notas nada en el brazo? Tienes un rasguño grande. Don't you feel anything on your arm? You have a big scratch.
3. (to distinguish) 
a. to mark 
Después de platicar con el abogado, revisé el documento y noté las páginas importantes. After talking with the lawyer, I reviewed the document and marked the important pages.
Permíteme notar cuál es la sección que debes estudiar. Allow me to indicate which section you should study.
impersonal verb
4. (to be obvious) 
¿Se nota que mis patillas están disparejas? - No, para nada. Is it noticeable that my sideburns are uneven? - No, not at all.
Se nota que está muy contenta.You can tell she's very happy.
reflexive verb
5. (to perceive) 
a. to feel 
Me noto más alerta en la mañana que por la noche.I feel more alert in the morning than at night.
transitive verb
1. (advertir) 
a. to notice 
2. (sentir) 
a. to feel 
¿has notado algo extraño en su comportamiento?have you noticed anything strange in her behavior?
noto frío en los piesmy feet feel cold
te noto cansadoyou look tired to me
hacer notar algoto point something out
nótese que el acusado estaba bebidonote o observe that the accused was drunk
pronominal verb
3. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
no se nota la heridayou can't see where the wound was
se nota que le gustayou can tell she likes it
transitive verb
1 (darse cuenta de) to notice
no lo había notado I hadn't noticed; los usuarios apenas han notado los efectos de la huelga customers have hardly noticed the effects of the strike; noté que la gente la miraba I noticed people looking at her; I noticed that people were looking at her; un niño nota cuando hay tensión en casa a child can tell when there is tension at home
yo noto que a la gente le interesa el tema En lo único que sí he notado un cambio es en la vida cotidiana no sé si has notado que hemos cambiado la decoración del salón yo noto que la gente me quiere, que sienta un aprecio artístico grande hacia mí, que desea halagarme la gente tiene más cuidado a la hora de gastar dinero, y yo lo noto en mi tienda el equipo contrario en seguida notó la ausencia del jugador en el centro del campo ¿Qué hay que hacer si notamos un bulto en el pecho?
dejarse notar
la subida de los precios se dejará notar sobre todo en los alimentos the rise in prices will be most noticeable in the case of food; su ausencia en el equipo se dejó notar ayer his absence from the team was noticeable yesterday
las consecuencias de la recesión aún se dejarán notar el próximo año la crisis económica se ha dejado notar en la feria El efecto de las nuevas normativas se dejará notar en siete ámbitos claramente definidos por las mañanas se empezaba a dejar notar el frío la falta de formación de nuestros cuadros se deja notar en el extranjero La presencia de Van Gogh se deja notar también en la pincelada gruesa y sinuosa de Kokoschka
hacer notar algo to point sth out
le hice notar que había sido él, no yo, quien dio la orden I pointed out to him that it had been him and not me who had given the order
el borrador del documento estaba mal escrito, y asi se lo hice notar repetidamente al autor El administrador de la Unión Europea para la ciudad de Mostar manifestó su satisfacción por el acuerdo de paz, /si bien hizo notar que los musulmanes hicieron más concesiones que los serbios/ un siglo después de que Hipócrates hubiera expuesto su teoría, Aristóteles la rebatió haciendo notar que los hijos de padres mutilados son normales -no hay herencia del carácter adquirido Enero ha sido un mal mes para las gestoras de fondos, ya que el volumen de negocio se ha reducido en 189.000 millones de pesetas. Sin embargo, se debe hacer notar que la mayor de las gestoras, el Banco Santander, solo ha perdido 4.000 millones
hacerse notar
los resultados se hicieron notar sin tardanza the consequences soon became apparent
al final del partido, la superioridad española se hizo notar
solo se comportan así para hacerse notar they only behave like that to get noticed o get attention; la esposa del presidente apenas se ha hecho notar en todo este tiempo the president's wife has been almost invisible all this time
solo visten tan estrafalariamente para hacerse notar los enfrentamientos continuaron hasta altas horas de la noche, momento en /la tregua empezó a hacerse notar/ en casi todo el territorio el gran despliegue de medios de TVE ya se hace notar en la capital hispalense El malestar entre los médicos se hizo notar durante la rueda de prensa
2 (sentir) [+dolor, pinchazo, frío] to feel
la mujer notó los dolores del parto y avisó a su vecina de pronto, empezó a notar un dolor opresivo en el tórax no he notado ningún tipo de molestias
no noto frío alguno I don't feel at all cold; empiezo a notar el cansancio I'm beginning to feel tired
te noto muy cambiado you seem very different; lo noté preocupado he seemed worried (to me); he notado la casa más silenciosa últimamente the house has seemed quieter recently; te noto raro you're acting strangely
le noté un poco tieso y como apartado
4 (anotar) to note down
5 (marcar) to mark; indicate
6 [+persona] (criticar) to criticize; (desacreditar) to discredit
notar a algn de algo to brand sb as sth; criticize sb for being sth
pronominal verb
1 (uso impersonal) (ser obvio) to be noticeable
la eficacia policial se ha notado en todos los campos delictivos los bailarines se mueven en el escenario tan tremendamente bien que no se nota el esfuerzo que realizan no se nota en absoluto su origen extranjero se han notado grandes cambios en el país tras las elecciones
en la reunión se notó mucho la ausencia de la antigua directora the absence of the former director was very noticeable at the meeting; notársele algo a algn: —estás disgustada, ¿verdad? —sí, ¿se me nota mucho? "you're upset, aren't you?" — "yes, is it (that) obvious?"; no se le nota que es extranjero you can't tell he's a foreigner; you wouldn't know he's a foreigner; se le notaba muy agitado he was obviously very agitated
encendí un cigarrillo procurando que no se me notara el temblor de mis manos se les notaba eufóricos
notarse que
se notaba que no se sentía muy seguro de sí mismo you could tell he didn't feel very confident; he obviously didn't feel very confident; ¡se nota que acabas de cobrar! you can tell you've just been paid!; you've obviously just been paid!; no se notaba que acabaran de limpiar la escalera you wouldn't know they had just cleaned the stairs
se nota que aquí la gente tiene un buen nivel de vida se nota que tiene costumbre de hablar en público ¡cómo se nota que a ti eso no te afecta! se nota que el hospital anda mal de fondos se te nota en la cara que eres feliz
(sentirse) to be felt
el impacto de la subida de los precios se notará en febrero the impact of the price increases will be felt in February; la inflación se ha notado en el bolsillo de los españoles the Spanish have felt the effect of inflation on their pocket
se está notando la recuperación económica
fue un terremoto tan pequeño que no se notó it was such a small earthquake that it went unnoticed o that no-one felt it
(verse) [+mancha, defecto] to show
no se nota nada la mancha the stain doesn't show at all
su marido no la pegaba en la cara /para que no se notasen los moratones/
notársele algo a algn: —tienes una carrera en la media —¿se me nota mucho? "you've got a ladder in your tights" — "does it show much?"
había bebido y se le notaba
solo se le nota la edad en la cara his age only shows in his face
se te nota en la cara que has perdido muchos quilos tiene aún muy poca experiencia y se le nota me decían que se me notaba el cansancio es navarro hasta las cejas y se le nota yo estaba asustado, pero a él se le notaba aún más la combinación no se le nota
2 (uso reflexivo) to feel
me noto más relajado I feel more relaxed
Los años pasan. Me noto más sereno, más relajado
me noto con menos energía estos días I've been feeling less energetic recently
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