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  • above/below normal por encima/por debajo de lo normal (temperature, rate)
  • things quickly got back to normal after the strike las cosas volvieron pronto a la normalidad después de la huelga
1. normal
normal [ˈnɔːməl]
1 (usual) normal
This is quite normal
it's perfectly normal to feel that way es muy normal sentirse así; no hay nada raro en sentirse así; above/below normal por encima/debajo de lo normal; to carry on as normal seguir haciendo todo como de costumbre
Commuters have ignored the bomb threats, going to work as normal Once that's been done, you can go on to blow-dry or set your hair as normal under normal [circumstances] traffic was normal [for] a bank holiday weekend temperatures are normal for this time of year
to get back or return to normal [+situation] normalizarse; volver a la normalidad
she can now lead a normal [life]
normal service will be resumed as soon as possible se reanudará la emisión lo antes posible
higher/bigger [than] normal
I woke at the normal time me desperté a la hora de siempre; he bought a return ticket instead of the normal single compró un billete de ida y vuelta en vez del de solo ida que solía comprar
2 (well-adjusted) [+person] normal
He's not normal, you know the child is not normal
3 (healthy) [+baby] normal; [+pregnancy] sin complicaciones
...a completely normal pregnancy
4 (Mat) (Chem) normal
normal school (n) (US) escuela (f) normal
She went to Salem Normal School, preparing to be a teacher
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