1. (sound) 
a. el ruido (M) 
The sudden noise startled her. El ruido repentino la asustó.
There was too much noise in the restaurant so we left.Había demasiado ruido en el restaurante, así que nos fuimos.
1. (general) 
a. el ruido (M) 
to make a noisehacer un ruido
to make noises about doing somethingandar diciendo que uno va a hacer algo
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
a big noiseun pez gordo
noise [nɔɪz]
1 (sound) ruido (m)
she jumps at the slightest noise el menor ruido la hace sobresaltarse; I heard a scuffling noise oí el ruido de algo que correteaba; I heard a creaking noise oí un ruido chirriante
police began house-to-house inquiries after villagers reported strange noises Sir Gerald made a small noise in his throat
he was making choking noises in his throat hacía ruidos con la garganta como si se estuviera ahogando
the kids were playing around making rude noises she made clucking noises with her teeth
2 (loud sound) ruido (m)
he hates noise odia el ruido; stop that noise! ¡deja de hacer ese ruido!
the noise of the traffic what's all that noise? there was too much noise in the room and he needed peace the noise of guns and bombs was incessant they were shouting to each other over the engine noise
to make a noise hacer ruido; tell them not to make any noise diles que no hagan ruido
the children all rushed into the dining room, making a noise
to make a noise about sth protestar por algo; they made a lot of noise about it protestaron mucho por ello
to [make] noises about sth, doing sth
she made noises about wanting to go home early quería irse pronto a casa y estuvo soltando indirectas; she showed polite interest and made all the right noises se mostró interesada y cortés y dijo todo lo correcto; I just made sympathetic noises and said what a shame it was me limité a mostrarme comprensiva y dije que era una lástima
his mother started making noises about it being time for him to leave home he made noises about changing it but did nothing the Germans are making noises about reducing interest rates they were nodding and making noises of [agreement] to make (all) the [right] noises (about sth) he was making all the right noises about multi-party democracy and human rights to make [soothing]/[sympathetic] noises I put my arms round her and made soothing noises the president took care to make encouraging noises about the future European politicians made conciliatory noises today about the trade conflict that erupted yesterday I made admiring noises about his car
4 (person)
a big noise un pez gordo (informal)
the company is one of the big noises in coffee this is a small town and he's a big noise around here he's a big noise now
5 (Rad) (TV) (Telec) (Comput) interferencia (f)
you may get some noise in adverse weather conditions he transpositions on the cassette were completely random, having been generated from atmospheric radio noise by a computer
transitive verb
to noise sth about or abroad divulgar algo; correr la voz de algo; we don't want it noised abroad no queremos que se corra la voz
it was noised around among the soldiers that Richmond would surrender within the next few hours I won't noise it around that Paul was in there on his knees that night checking the underside of the quilt with a flashlight
noise abatement (n) reducción (f) del ruido
a debate in Parliament on noise abatement and the environment the defendant had been served with a noise abatement notice
noise level (n) nivel (m) del ruido
when he came in the noise level dropped perceptibly the restaurant was hot and the noise level seemed to be rising 1.7 million people may be exposed to noise levels which put them at risk of permanent deafness
noise pollution (n) contaminación (f) acústica
low-level flying and its deafening noise pollution the driver of the backfiring car was arrested, not for noise pollution, but for speeding
Phrases with "noise"
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loud noise
ruido fuerte
make noise
hacer ruido
noise pollution
la contaminación acústica
suddenly, we heard a strange noise
de repente, oímos un ruido extraño
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