no te metas

no te metas
1. (informal) (don't intervene; singular) 
Si se han peleado, es cosa suya, no te metas.If they've argued, that's their affair. Don't interfere.
Esa chica ejerce una mala influencia en ti. - Mamá, no te metas en mis asuntos.That girl is a bad influence on you. - Mom, don't meddle in my business.
Yo creo que tú estás equivocado y que él tiene razón. - No te metas, que a ti nadie te ha preguntado.I think you're wrong and he's right. - Don't stick your nose in. No one has asked you.
2. (informal) (don't pester; used with "con"; singular) 
No te metas conmigo. Yo no te he hecho nada.Don't pick on me. I've done nothing to you.
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