usage note
This word is almost always preceded by the definite article.
feminine noun
1. (colloquial) (reality) (Mexico) 
a. the truth 
A ver, ya dime la neta. Pedro te gusta, ¿verdad?Ok, just tell me the truth. You like Pedro, don't you?
b. honestly (adverb) 
Neta, güey, esa chava no vale la pena.Honestly, dude, that girl's not worth it.
c. on the real (colloquial) (United States) 
La neta, me choca que me digan "gringa".On the real, I hate when people call me "gringa."
2. (colloquial) (the most outstanding) (Mexico) 
a. the best 
Pues sí, me creo la neta del planeta. ¿Y qué?So yeah, I think I'm the best on earth. So what?
b. the shit (slang) (vulgar) (United States) 
Ese cuate se cree la neta.That guy thinks he's the shit.
3. (colloquial) (the real thing) (Mexico) 
¡No manches! Este café de olla es la neta.Holy crap! This coffee is the real deal.
Phrases with "neta"
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la mera neta
no joke
la pura neta
the plain truth
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