usage note
This word must be preceded by the definite article, and it often begins with a capital letter, in the sense shown in 6).
1. (mesh) 
a. la red (F) 
The fishermen were mending their nets.Los pescadores estaban cosiendo sus redes.
2. (tennis or volleyball) 
a. la red (F) 
The ball hit the net and landed on the opponent's side.La pelota golpeó en la red y cayó en el lado del oponente.
3. (soccer, hockey or basketball) 
a. la red (F) 
The striker headed the ball into the net.El delantero cabeceó el balón a la red.
4. (fabric) 
a. el tul (M) 
Her mother bought some net to make her a tutu for ballet classes.Su madre compró tul para hacerle un tutú para sus clases de ballet.
5. (for hair) 
She has to wear a net when she's working on the production line.Tiene que usar redecilla cuando trabaja en la cadena de montaje.
6. (computing) 
a. la Red (F) 
Nowadays, the Net is very important since it connects millions of users worldwide.En la actualidad, la Red es muy importante porque conecta a millones de usuarios de todo el mundo.
7. (price, value or weight) 
a. neto 
You can calculate the net price by deducting the taxes from the total amount.Puedes calcular el precio neto deduciendo los impuestos de la suma total.
8. (effect, result or outcome) 
a. final 
The net result of the changes implemented in the office has been positive.El resultado final de los cambios realizados en la oficina ha sido positivo.
b. global 
Some think the net effect of growth on the environment is detrimental.Algunos piensan que el efecto global del crecimiento sobre el medio ambiente es perjudicial.
transitive verb
9. (to catch) 
a. atrapar 
I tried to net a rabbit, but it was too fast for me to chase.Intenté atrapar un conejo, pero corría muy rápido para perseguirlo.
b. pescar (fish) 
A local fishermen netted a small shark today.Un pescador local pescó un pequeño tiburón hoy.
10. (colloquial) (to earn) 
a. embolsarse (colloquial) 
They netted thousands of dollars from people who thought they were donating to charity.Se embolsaron miles de dólares de gente que creía que estaba donando a obras benéficas.
11. (sports) 
a. marcar (a goal or point) 
He soon netted a second goal.Pronto marcó un segundo gol.
b. estrellar contra la red (a ball or a serve) 
He netted the ball and lost the match.Estrelló la pelota contra la red y perdió el partido.
intransitive verb
12. (sports) 
a. marcar 
He netted twice in yesterday's gameMarcó dos veces en el partido de ayer.
1. (weight, price, profit) 
a. neto(a) 
net revenuefacturación f
transitive verb
2. (earn) 
a. no direct translation 
to net £2,000 poundsganar 2.000 libras netas or limpias
net [net]
1 (for catching fish, butterflies) red (f); (for hair) redecilla (f); (fabric) tul (m)
to cast one's net wider ampliar el campo de acción
to fall into the net caer en la trampa
to slip through the net escapar de la red
2 (Tennis) (Ftbl) red (f)
3 (network) red (f)
the net (internet) (el or la) Internet; to surf the net navegar por Internet
on the Net/are you on the net?
transitive verb
[+fish] pescar (con red); [+criminal] atrapar
The invasion of Panama had just recently netted Manuel Noriega this year there were fewer patrols working to net the law breakers Operation Chequered-flag netted 178 offenders in Clevedon, near Bristol Secret investigations have netted 90 staff suspected of fraud and theft
intransitive verb
(Dep) (score goal) marcar
Adcock almost netted again with a header barely a minute later
net curtain (n) visillo (m)
net [net]
1 (Comm) [+price, interest, salary] neto
net of tax deducidos los impuestos; at a net profit of 5% con un beneficio neto del 5%; net weight peso (m) neto
2 [+result, effect] final; global
The TUC says it is facing increasing demands on its resources and its work has expanded, the net result is an overdraft of about two million pounds What happens chemically is complicated, but the net result is the ability to create electrically conducting structures as small as 10 billionths of a metre The net effect has been to underline John Major's triumph in the Tory leadership election
transitive verb
(Comm) (earn) ganar en limpio; (produce) producir en limpio
the new tax will net the government £50m el nuevo impuesto le supondrá al gobierno unos ingresos netos de 50 millones de libras; the deal netted him £50,000 se embolsó 50.000 libras en el negocio
net assets (n) activo (m) neto
net income (n) renta (f) neta
net loss (n) pérdida (f) neta
net payment (n) importe (m) neto
Waterglade International Holdings has sold its interests in five property developments in Germany with a value of pounds 30m for a total net payment of pounds 4.3m net payments of interest have the full 25% deducted for tax
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