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nervioso, -a
1. nervous (anatomy) (sistema, enfermedad)
  • centro/tejido nervioso, -a nerve center/tissue
2. nervous (inquieto)
  • ponerse nervioso, -a to get nervous
3. highly strung (muy activo) (British) , high-strung (United States)
4. worked-up, uptight (irritado)
  • poner nervioso, -a a alguien to get on somebody's nerves
  • ponerse nervioso, -a to get uptight o worked up
1 (Anatomía) nerve; nervous
centro nervioso nerve centre; crisis nerviosa nervous breakdown; depresión nerviosa nervous depression; sistema nervioso nervous system; ataque nervioso (attack of) hysterics
2 (excitable)
ser nervioso to be highly strung; be nervous; es un niño muy nervioso he's a very highly strung o nervous child; los foxterriers son muy nerviosos fox terriers are very highly strung
3 (intranquilo)
estar nervioso to be nervous; está nerviosa porque tiene un examen she's nervous because she has an exam; está muy nervioso porque aún no han llegado he's very anxious because they haven't arrived yet; esperaban nerviosos los resultados they waited nervously to hear the results; los caballos estaban nerviosos antes de la tormenta the horses were restless before the storm; poner nervioso a algn to make sb nervous; ponerse nervioso to get nervous; me pongo muy nerviosa en las entrevistas I get very nervous in interviews; ¡no te pongas nervioso! keep cool! (familiar)
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