feminine noun
1. crotchet (Mús) (British), quarter note (United States)
  • tener la negra -> to have bad luck
  • se las va a ver negras para llegar a fin de mes -> he'll have a hard job to get to the end of the month

negra [nay’-gro, grah]
1. Negro, a blackamoor; Negress. (m & f)
  • Negro de humo -> lamp-black
  • Negro de plomo -> ochre-black
  • Negro de carbón -> blue-black
2. The least of anything. 3. (Carib.) Black coffee. (Metaphorical) (m & f)

1 (Música) crotchet; quarter note; (EEUU)
2 (mala suerte) bad luck
ese me trae la negra he brings me bad luck; le tocó la negra he had bad luck; tener la negra to be out of luck; be having a run of bad luck
3 (Ajedrez) black piece
4 (Centroamérica) black mark

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