"negar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to deny (rechazar)
  • niega haber tenido nada que ver con el robo -> he denies having had anything to do with the robbery
  • no voy a negar que la idea me atrae -> I won't deny that the idea appeals to me
2. to refuse, to deny (denegar)
  • negarle algo a alguien -> to refuse o deny somebody something
  • nos negaron la entrada a la fiesta -> they refused to let us into the party, they wouldn't let us into the party
intransitive verb
  • negar con la cabeza -> to shake one's head
pronomial verb
1. to refuse (a to)
  • me niego a creer que fuera él -> I refuse to believe it was him
  • negarse en redondo a hacer algo -> to absolutely refuse to do something

negar [nay-gar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To deny (hecho, verdad), to contradict.
2. To deny, to refuse, not to grant, to gainsay.
3. To forbid, to prohibit, to hinder, to oppose.
4. To deny, to contradict an accusation (acusación).
5. To deny, to disown, to disclaim (relación, responsabilidad).
6. To deny, to disregard, to forget what one has previously held in esteem, to withdraw from a company frequented before.
7. To hide, to conceal.
8. To dissemble.
9. To refuse to acknowledge the obligations a person has contracted.
  • Negar la mano a uno -> to refuse to shake hands with somebody
verb reflexive
10. To decline doing something.
11. To desire to be denied to persons who call to see one.
  • Negarse con la cabeza -> to shake one's head
  • Negarse a una visita -> to refuse to see a visitor
(Yo niego, yo niegue, from Negar. V. ACERTAR.

1 (desmentir) to deny
niega haber robado los documentos he denies having stolen the documents; el ministro ha negado todas las acusaciones the minister has denied all the accusations
ha negado su responsabilidad en el asunto
no me negarás que ha valido la pena you can't deny it's been worth it; negó que lo hubieran despedido he denied that they had sacked him; he denied having been sacked
2 (rehusar) to refuse; deny;a to
le negaron el paso por la frontera they refused to let him cross the border; nos negaron la entrada al edificio we were refused o denied entry to the building; negar el saludo a algn to blank sb (familiar); snub sb (familiar); negar la mano a algn to refuse to shake hands with sb
3 [+persona] to disown
negó a su hija he disowned his daughter
negar con la cabeza to shake one's head
negarse a hacer algo to refuse to do sth; se negó a pagar la multa he refused to pay the fine
negarse a la evidencia to deny the obvious

Verb Conjugations for "negar" (go to to deny)


yo niego negué negaba negaría negaré
niegas negaste negabas negarías negarás
él/ella/Ud. niega negó negaba negaría negará
nosotros negamos negamos negábamos negaríamos negaremos
vosotros negáis negasteis negabais negaríais negaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. niegan negaron negaban negarían negarán
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