1. (person; in habits) 
a. ordenado(a) 
2. (in appearance) 
a. aseado(a), pulcro(a) 
3. (room, house) 
a. pulcro(a), ordenado(a) 
4. (handwriting) 
a. claro(a), nítido(a) 
5. (solution) 
a. certero(a), hábil 
he's a neat workeres un trabajador esmerado
6. (whiskey, vodka) 
a. seco(a), solo(a) 
7. (colloquial) (United States) 
a. genial, fenomenal (good) 
neat [niːt]
neater (comparative)neatest (superlative)
1 (tidy in appearance) [+room, desk, row, pile] ordenado
Everything was neat and tidy and gleamingly clean His desk was neat she put her clothes in a neat pile Children were quietly seated at neat rows of wooden desks
[+garden] bien cuidado
The front garden was neat and tidy
[+appearance] cuidado; pulcro; prolijo; (S. Cone)
Toby nodded approvingly at her neat appearance
[+clothes] muy cuidado
...a girl in a neat grey flannel suit
[+work] bien presentado
His work is always neat
everything looks neat and tidy todo parece muy ordenado; she always looks very neat siempre va muy arreglada; her hair is always very neat siempre va muy bien peinada; he has very neat handwriting tiene muy buena letra
2 (tidy by nature) [+person] ordenado; pulcro; prolijo; (S. Cone)
It's not like Alf leaving papers muddled like that. He's always so neat
3 (compact) [+figure] bien proporcionado
to have a neat figure ...the neat figure of Gwen John
[+waist, waistline] delgado
She was slim, with a neat waist
a neat little car un coche pequeño y de línea sencilla
4 (clever) [+solution] ingenioso; bueno
Neat solutions are not easily found to these issues `Make the punishment fit the crime.'/ How neat and tidy it sounded
[+plan] ingenioso
It had been such a neat, clever plan
[+division, category, explanation] claro
...the neat division of the year into wet and dry seasons I believe you've thought of a neat way to explain that?
5 (US) (wonderful) genial (informal)
that's a neat idea esa es una idea genial; those new apartments are really neat esos nuevos apartamentos son muy chulos (informal)
6 (Britain) (undiluted) [+whisky, brandy etc] solo
I take it neat lo tomo solo
You take your whisky neat and don't have any soda water he swallowed the brandy neat
half a litre of neat whisky medio litro de whisky puro
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