1. (naval forces) 
a. la marina (F) 
The navy is recruiting men and women who want to serve the country.La marina está reclutando a hombres y mujeres que quieran servir al país.
b. la armada (F) 
His dream is to join the navy to serve his country.Su sueño es unirse a la armada para servir a su país.
2. (color) 
Navy is one of my favorite colors.El azul marino es uno de mis colores favoritos.
3. (dark blue) 
a. marino 
She has the same sweater in navy blue.Tiene ese mismo suéter en azul marino.
1. (general) 
a. la marina f, armada (F) 
navy (blue)azul marino
navy [ˈneɪvɪ]
1 (ships) armada (f); flota (f)
2 (organization) marina (f) de guerra
3 (colour) (also navy blue) azul (m) marino
(dark blue) azul marino
navy blue (n) azul (m) marino
Navy Department (n) (US) Ministerio (m) de Marina
navy yard (n) (US) astillero (m) naval
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navy blue
azul marino
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