1. (mischievous) 
a. travieso 
Santa doesn't bring presents to naughty kids.Papá Noel no les trae regalos a los niños traviesos.
Stop being a naughty boy and sit down already.Deja de ser travieso y siéntate ya.
b. malo 
Your dog is very naughty and doesn't obey.Tu perro es muy malo y no obedece.
2. (salacious) 
a. pícaro 
She gave him a naughty look.Lo miró con ojos pícaros.
b. picante 
He has a stack of naughty magazines under his mattress.Tiene una colección de revistas picantes debajo de su colchón.
1. (child) 
a. malo(a), travieso(a) 
2. (word, picture, magazine) 
a. picante 
naughty [ˈnɔːtɪ]
naughtier (comparative)naughtiest (superlative)
1 [+child] travieso; malo
you've been very naughty has sido muy malo
that was very naughty of you that was a naughty thing to do eso ha estado muy feo
you naughty boy! (angrily) ¡mira que eres malo or travieso!; (indulgently) ¡anda, pillín or picaruelo! (informal)
2 (of adult)
I'm going to be very naughty and have two cakes voy a portarme mal y comerme dos pasteles; it was a bit naughty of you to leave without telling anyone no estuvo nada bien que te marcharas sin decir nada
3 (risqué) [+joke, song] verde; colorado; (LAm)
she gave me a naughty look me miró con picardía; naughty bits (male genitals) paquete (very_informal) (m); the naughty bits (in film etc) las escenas picantes
the video audience in the home has more control over its viewing experience than does the cinema audience (for example, replaying the naughty bits)
the Naughty Nineties la Bella Época
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naughty girl
niña mala
naughty boy
niño malo
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