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feminine noun
1. nature (en general)
  • aman a la naturaleza -> they love nature, they are nature lovers
  • se desconoce la naturaleza de la enfermedad -> the nature of the illness is unknown
  • una persona de naturaleza nerviosa -> a person of a nervous disposition, a person who is nervous by nature
  • por naturaleza -> by nature
  • la madre naturaleza -> Mother Nature
  • la naturaleza humana -> human nature
  • naturaleza muerta -> still life
2. constitution (complexión)

naturaleza [nah-too-rah-lay’-thah]
1. Nature, aggregate, order, and disposition of all created beings; often personified. (f)
2. Nature, the native state or property of things. (f)
3. Nature, constitution of an animated body; complexion, constitution. (f)
4. Nature, the property, virtue, or quality of things. (f)
5. Nature, the regular course of things, the quality, order, and disposition of affairs. (f)
6. Nature, instinct, property, or inclination. (f)
7. Sex, genitals, especially the female. (f)
8. Species, kind. (f)
9. The state of a native with respect to the place where he was born. (f)
10. Naturalization. (f)
11. Nature, genius, temperament. (f)
  • El joven es suizo de naturaleza -> the young man is Swiss by nationality

1 (universo físico) nature
las leyes de la naturaleza the laws of nature; las ciencias de la naturaleza the natural science(s)
2 (campo) nature
viven en plena naturaleza they live surrounded by nature
3 (carácter) nature
son de naturaleza tímida they're shy by nature; es despistado por naturaleza he's naturally absent-minded; la naturaleza humana human nature
4 (constitución) constitution
es de naturaleza fuerte he has a strong constitution
5 (especie) nature
situaciones de naturaleza poco común situations of an unusual nature
6 (Arte)
naturaleza muerta still life
7 (Política) nationality
el joven es suizo de naturaleza the young man is Swiss by nationality
carta de naturaleza
romper la naturaleza to start to menstruate

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