1. (religión)
  • the Nativity -> la Natividad
  • Nativity play -> auto (m) navideño or de Navidad

nativity [nei-ti-vi-ti]
1. Nacimiento, el acto de nacer.
2. Nacimiento, el origen o principio desde donde empezó a existir una cosa.
3. Horóscopo.

nativity [nəˈtɪvɪtɪ]
1 (gen) natividad (f)
2 (Rel)
the Nativity la Natividad
3 (Art)
Nativity nacimiento (m)
Nativity play (n) auto (m) de Navidad
Nativity scene (n) belén (m); nacimiento (m)
there's always a nativity scene made by the estate children with a doll in the crib and a woollen donkey the court refused to allow the display of a Christmas nativity scene on the lawn of a government building At a time when British children are drawing nativity scenes and Christmas cards Christmas trees are gradually taking over from the traditional Spanish Nativity scene in homes

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