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1. desagradable (taste, experience, person); malintencionado(a) (remark); repugnante (book, film, crime); desagradable (shock); espinoso(a), peliagudo(a) (problem)
  • a nasty accident un accidente grave
  • a nasty cut una herida muy fea
  • a nasty fall una mala caída
  • to be nasty to somebody ser antipático(a) con alguien
  • to turn nasty ponerse feo(a) (situation, weather)
  • hiding her clothes was a really nasty thing to do esconderle la ropa fue una broma demasiado pesada
  • his behavior left (me with) a nasty taste in the mouth (sentido figurado) su comportamiento me dejó muy mal sabor de boca
  • you've got a nasty mind! ¡qué mal pensado eres!
  • he's a nasty piece of work es un elemento de cuidado (británico)
nasty [ˈnɑːstɪ]
nastier (comparative)nastiest (superlative)
1 (unpleasant) [+situation, experience, surprise] desagradable; [+taste, smell] desagradable; repugnante
This place has a very nasty [smell] ...sipping water afterwards will help get rid of the nasty taste
[+habit, weather] desagradable; feo; malo
it was a nasty business fue un asunto desagradable
I've got a nasty feeling that ... tengo la horrible sensación de que ...
history has a nasty habit of repeating itself la historia tiene la mala costumbre de repetirse
he had a nasty shock se llevó un susto terrible
...the divorce negotiations were a nasty business then they had to go about the nasty business of identifying the body investigative journalism can be a nasty business sometimes he has some nasty habits the affair left (him with) a nasty [taste] in his mouth ...most people were left with a nasty taste in their mouths
the situation turned nasty la situación se puso fea
the situation turned nasty when one of the protesters tried to break through the police barricade the weather [turned] nasty
2 (serious) [+accident] serio; grave
...he was involved in a nasty accident when knocked down by a motor vehicle
[+cut, wound] feo
My little granddaughter caught her heel in the spokes of her bicycle-it was a very nasty wound
[+infection] fuerte
Lili had a nasty chest infection
[+disease] peligroso
Rats carry very nasty [diseases]
a nasty case of un caso grave de
a nasty case of food poisoning
she had a nasty fall tuvo una mala caída
3 (difficult) [+question] difícil
he didn't like having to deal with Paxman's nasty questions
[+bend, junction] peligroso
you'd better slow down, there's a nasty bend coming up
[+problem] complicado
...a nasty and still developing problem This presented a nasty problem to Mayor Lindsay
there was one nasty moment when ... se produjo un momento de tensión cuando ...
4 (spiteful) [+person, remark] cruel; desagradable girlfriends have taken to making nasty remarks
[+joke] de mal gusto; grosero
That damned Farrel made some nasty jokes about Mr. Lane
a nasty-looking individual un individuo mal encarado
Mummy is so nasty to me when Daddy isn't here I want us to be friends. Why must she be so nasty to me? ...he's one of the family so we mustn't be nasty to him
he's a nasty piece of work es un canalla (informal)
to be nasty to sb ser cruel con algn
don't be nasty to your little brother no seas malo con tu hermanito
a nasty trick una mala jugada
he turned nasty and started to shout se puso agresivo y empezó a gritar
she never said a nasty [word] about anybody
there were a few hidden nasties in my bill había unas cuantas sorpresas desagradables en mi cuenta
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