Naked in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. desnudo(a)
  • to be naked estar desnudo(a)
  • a naked flame una llama (sin protección)
  • naked aggression agresión (f) abierta or alevosa
  • visible to the naked eye visible a simple vista
naked [ˈneɪkɪd]
1 (unclothed) [+person, body, flesh] desnudo; [+breasts] desnudo; al descubierto
the naked eye
visible/invisible to the naked eye visible/invisible a simple vista
The planet Mars will be visible to the naked eye all week ...microscopic hairs, invisible to the naked eye.
2 (defenceless)
to go naked into battle entrar en combate a cuerpo descubierto
3 (without grass, plants etc) [+earth] pelado; yermo (literary)
...a [cliff] of naked red earth and rock
[+tree, branches] pelado; desnudo (literary)
The naked branches swayed in the freezing winds
4 (exposed) [+light bulb] sin pantalla
...a naked bulb dangling in a bare room
[+wire] pelado
...naked wires are held in a socket with matchsticks
[+sword] desenvainado
naked flame llama (f)
5 (undisguised) [+hatred, misery] manifiesto; visible
The naked hatred in the woman's face shocked me There had been naked misery in her voice when she'd spoken about the letter His face broke into an expression of naked [anxiety]
[+ambition] patente; ostensible
nothing could disguise her naked ambition
the naked pursuit of power la carrera manifiesta por el poder
...violence and the naked pursuit of power
the naked truth la verdad al desnudo; la pura verdad
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