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The plural of “náhuatl” is “náhuatls", "náhuatl", or "nahuas.”
el náhuatl, la náhuatl
masculine or feminine noun
1. (member of a Mexican indigenous people) 
Los náhuatls nos dieron palabras como "chocolate" y "coyote".The Nahuatl Indians gave us words such as "chocolate" and "coyote."
masculine noun
2. (language) 
a. Nahuatl 
El náhuatl se sigue hablando en zonas rurales de México.Nahuatl is still spoken in rural areas of Mexico.
3. (of Nahuatl origin) 
a. Nahuatl 
La influencia del imperio azteca es evidente en la escritura náhuatl.The influence of the Aztec Empire can be seen in Nahuatl script.
Nahuatl Indian
(Lingüística) Nahuatl language
Náhuatl is the indigenous Mexican language that was once spoken by the Aztecs and which has given us such words as "tomato", "avocado", "chocolate" and "chilli". The first book to be printed on the American continent was a catechism in náhuatl, edited by a Franciscan monk in 1539. Today náhuatl is spoken in the central plateau of Mexico by a million bilingual and monolingual speakers.
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