"nadar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to swim (avanzar en el agua); to float (flotar)
  • no sé nadar -> I can't swim
  • nadar contra corriente -> to go against the tide
  • nadan en deudas (figurative) -> they're up to their necks in debt
  • nadar entre dos aguas (figurative) -> to sit on the fence
  • nadar en la abundancia (figurative) -> to be living in the lap of luxury

nadar [nah-dar’]
verb neuter
1. To swim. (n)
2. To float on the water, not to sink. (n)
3. To be wide or loose. (n)
4. To abound, to be plentiful. (Metaphorical) (n)

1 (gen) to swim; (flotar) to float; (And) (bañarse) to take a bath
¿no sabes nadar? can't you swim?; nadar a braza to do (the) breaststroke; swim breaststroke; nadar a crol to do the crawl; swim crawl; nadar a espalda to do backstroke; swim backstroke; nadar a mariposa to do (the) butterfly; swim butterfly
nadar contra corriente to go against the tide
nadar en la abundancia to be rolling in it (familiar); be rolling in money (familiar)
querer nadar y guardar la ropa to want to have it both ways; want to have one's cake and eat it
2 (en prenda, zapatos)
en estos pantalones va nadando these trousers are much too big for him; he's lost inside these trousers

Verb Conjugations for "nadar" (go to to swim)


yo nado nadé nadaba nadaría nadaré
nadas nadaste nadabas nadarías nadarás
él/ella/Ud. nada nadó nadaba nadaría nadará
nosotros nadamos nadamos nadábamos nadaríamos nadaremos
vosotros nadáis nadasteis nadabais nadaríais nadaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. nadan nadaron nadaban nadarían nadarán
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