1. (Narcotics Anonymous) 
a. NA 
Henry stopped using drugs and started attending NA meetings three months ago.Hace tres meses, Henry dejó de tomar drogas y comenzó a asistir a las reuniones de NA.
1 Narcotics Anonymous
2 National Academy
usage note
This word may also be spelled "ná."
1. (colloquial) (zero; contraction of "nada") 
a. nothing 
No tenemos na pa comer en casa. Habrá que ir al super.We have nothing to eat in the house. We'll have to go to the supermarket.
b. anything (with negative English verbs) 
¿Te vienes a la piscina? - Ay, no sé, hoy no tengo ganas de hacer na.Are you coming to the pool? - I don't know. I don't feel like doing anything today.
2. (colloquial) (by no means; contraction of "nada") 
a. at all 
Ay, hijo, deja de contar chistes, no eres na gracioso.Why don't you just stop telling jokes? You're not funny at all, dude.
3. (colloquial) (to sum up; contraction of "nada") 
a. in short 
Na, que hay que aguantarse porque esto es lo que hay.In short, we'll have to put up with it because that's the way it is.
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