Muzzle in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. hocico (m) (dog's snout); bozal (m) (device for dog)
2. boca (f) (of gun)
transitive verb
3. poner un bozal a (dog); amordazar (sentido figurado) (person, press)
muzzle [ˈmʌzl]
1 (snout) hocico (m)
2 [of gun] boca (f)
3 (restraint for dog) bozal (m)
transitive verb
1 [+dog] poner bozal a
2 [+person] amordazar
muzzle loader (n) arma (f) que se carga por la boca
muzzle velocity (n) velocidad (f) inicial
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