1. (general) 
a. la mostaza (F) 
2. (fam fig) (United States) 
she couldn't cut the mustardno consiguió dar la talla
mustard gasgas mostaza
mustard [ˈmʌstəd]
(Bot) (Cookery) mostaza (f)
he doesn't cut the mustard no da la talla
Is it possible, I ask with some trepidation, that Potter may be a fine writer but as a director, certainly of his own material, he doesn't quite cut the mustard? You have to be on form every week and people soon start noticing if you're not cutting the mustard The first backstage reports are that Sarah is okay. She has great presence and can really cut the mustard
a mustard (yellow) dress un vestido color mostaza
mustard gas (n) (Chem) (Mil) gas (m) mostaza
mustard plaster (n) sinapismo (m); cataplasma (f) de mostaza
mustard pot (n) mostacera (f)
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