"mudar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to change (cambiar); to move (casa)
  • cuando mude la voz -> when his voice breaks
2. to molt (piel, plumas)
intransitive verb
3. (cambiar)
  • mudar de -> to change; (opinión, color) to move (domicilio)
pronomial verb
  • mudarse (de casa) -> to move (house)
  • mudarse (de ropa) -> to change

mudar [moo-dar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To change (cambiar), to put one thing in place of another, to remove, to deviate.
2. To change, to cause alteration, to vary, to alter.
3. To change one thing for another, or to quit something for the sake of another.
4. To shed the feathers, to moult.
5. To change the voice: applied to boys who come to maturity.
6. To change, to vary in a moral sense; to mend the disposition.
  • Me van a mudar la pluma -> they're going to change the pen for me
  • Le mudan las sábanas todos los días -> they change his sheets every day
verb reflexive
7. To change, to undergo change.
8. To change the sentiments and manners.
9. To shift, to dress in fresh linen or clothes.
10. To move into another house (casa).
11. (coll.) To wander from the topic of conversation.

1 (cambiar) to change; (transformar) to change; turn;en into
esto mudó la tristeza en alegría this changed o turned the sadness into joy; le mudan las sábanas todos los días they change his sheets every day; le han mudado a otra oficina they've moved him to another office
2 (Zoología) [+piel] to shed; [+pelo, plumaje] to moult; molt; (EEUU)
1 (cambiar)
mudar de to change; he mudado de parecer I've changed my mind; mudar de color to change colour; su cara mudó de color his face changed colour
2 (Zoología)
mudar de [+piel] to shed; [+pelo, plumaje] to moult; molt; (EEUU)
1 (also mudarse de ropa) to change one's clothes
2 (also mudarse de casa) to move; move house
3 [+voz] to break

Verb Conjugations for "mudar" (go to to move)


yo mudo mudé mudaba mudaría mudaré
mudas mudaste mudabas mudarías mudarás
él/ella/Ud. muda mudó mudaba mudaría mudará
nosotros mudamos mudamos mudábamos mudaríamos mudaremos
vosotros mudáis mudasteis mudabais mudaríais mudaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. mudan mudaron mudaban mudarían mudarán
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