1. (a lot) 
a. mucho (with uncountable nouns) 
I don't have much money, but you can borrow a dollar.No tengo mucho dinero, pero te presto un dólar.
I have never have eaten much sugar.Nunca he comido mucha azúcar.
2. (to a great degree) 
a. mucho 
I like this job much better than my last one.Este trabajo me gusta mucho más que el anterior.
3. (frequently) 
a. mucho 
Do you come to this cafe to study much?¿Vienes mucho a este café a estudiar?
4. (a lot) 
a. mucho 
Much of what was left after the war was in poor condition.Mucho de lo que restó después de la guerra estaba en un estado pésimo.
b. mucha 
I thought we wouldn't have enough food, but so much is left over.Pensé que no tendríamos suficiente comida, pero queda mucha.
(comparative more superlative most )
1. mucho
  • there is not much leftno queda mucho
  • it's not worth muchno vale mucho, no tiene mucho valor
  • much has happened since you lefthan pasado muchas cosas desde que te fuiste
  • she made much of the fact that…le dio mucha importancia al hecho de que…
  • I'll say this much for him, he's very politetengo que admitir que es muy amable
  • I don't think much of himno lo tengo en gran estima
  • it didn't come as much of a surpriseno fue ninguna sorpresa
  • she isn't much of a singerno es gran cosa como cantante
  • in the end it cost as much againal final costó el doble
  • twice as muchel doble
  • I thought/expected as muchera lo que pensaba/me esperaba
  • as much as possibletodo lo posible
  • it was as much as we could do to stand uprightapenas podíamos mantenernos en pie
  • he left without so much as saying goodbyese marchó sin siquiera decir adiós
  • he has drunk so much that…ha bebido or tomado tanto que…(Am)
  • so much the bettertanto mejor
  • so much so that…tanto es así que…
  • so much for her promises of help!¡y me había prometido su ayuda!
  • I've got too muchtengo demasiado
  • that's a bit much!(familiar) ¡eso es pasarse!
Normalmente, sólo se usa en estructuras negativas e interrogativas, salvo en lenguaje formal.
2. mucho(a)
  • how much money?¿cuánto dinero?
  • there isn't much trafficno hay mucho tráfico
  • too much timedemasiado tiempo
  • so much timetanto tiempo
  • as much time as you liketanto tiempo como quieras, todo el tiempo que quieras
  • much work still needs to be done(Formal) aún queda mucho trabajo por hacer
3. mucho
  • I don't like it muchno me gusta mucho
  • much as I'd like to, I can't gopor mucho que quiera, no puedo ir
  • much better/worsemucho mejor/peor
  • much the best/largestcon mucho el mejor/más grande
  • thank you very muchmuchas gracias
  • it's/he's much the same (as before)no ha cambiado mucho
  • much to my astonishmentpara mi estupefacción
  • much too gooddemasiado bueno
  • much as I like him, I don't really trust himaunque me cae muy bien, no me fío de él
  • the result was much as I expectedresultó más o menos como esperaba
  • so muchtanto
  • too muchdemasiado
  • they charged me £10 too muchme cobraron 10 libras de más
  • this is too much!¡esto ya es el colmo!
much [mʌtʃ]
there isn't much time no tenemos mucho tiempo; tenemos poco tiempo; much crime goes unreported hay muchos crímenes que no se denuncian
much "antique" furniture is not genuine
I haven't got as much energy as you no tengo tanta energía como
how much sugar do you want? ¿cuánto azúcar quieres?
so much tea tanto
she's got so much energy tiene tanta energía
too much jam demasiada mermelada (f)
we haven't got too much time no tenemos demasiado tiempo
very much mucho
we haven't very much time no tenemos mucho tiempo; tenemos poco tiempo
without much money sin mucho dinero
Yul's divorce from Doris left him without much money
1 (a lot) mucho; (before pp) muy
he hasn't changed much
she doesn't go out much no sale mucho
it doesn't much matter it doesn't matter much no importa mucho
I much regret that ... siento mucho que ...
I much regret that you left the meeting disappointed I much regret being unable to produce the letter
it won't finish much before midnight no terminará mucho antes de la media noche
it won't continue much after 11 o'clock much more easily
much better mucho mejor; he's much richer than I am or than me es mucho más rico que yo; much pleased muy satisfecho
much as I would like to go a pesar de que me gustaría mucho ir; aunque me gustaría mucho ir
much as I should like to por mucho que quisiera; much as I like him aunque or a pesar de que me gusta mucho; much as he hated the idea ... a pesar de lo que odiaba la idea ...; much as I respect her ideas, I still think she's wrong a pesar de que respeto mucho sus ideas or aunque respeto mucho sus ideas, creo que está equivocada
however much he tries por mucho que se esfuerce
it won't make any difference, however much you protest
I hardly know her, much less her mother apenas la conozco, y mucho menos a su madre
he couldn't understand the question, much less answer it
not much no mucho
"Do you care what other people think?" "Not much" "How much wine is left?" "Not much"
thank you (ever) so much muchísimas gracias; muy agradecido
I feel ever so much better me siento muchísimo mejor
I'd like to thank you ever so much for your kindness thank you ever so much
much though I like him por mucho que él me guste
much though he hated the idea, he knew that ... a pesar de lo que odiaba la idea, sabía que ...; he had reservations about the scheme, much though he valued Alison's opinions tenía sus dudas respecto al plan, a pesar de que valoraba mucho las opiniones de Alison
much to my astonishment para gran sorpresa mía
he talks too much habla demasiado
very much mucho
I enjoyed myself very much me divertí mucho
2 (by far) con mucho
he's much the best player in the team
much the biggest con mucho el más grande; I would much rather stay prefiero mucho más quedarme
3 (more or less) más o menos; casi
the day ended much as it had begun
they're much the same size tienen más o menos el mismo tamaño
sheep's milk is produced in much the same way as goat's milk
they are much of an age tienen casi la misma edad
there isn't much to do no hay mucho que hacer
but much remains
but much remains to be done pero queda mucho que or por hacer
Much has been done, but much remains to be done Endocrinology is a relatively new branch in medical science, and much remains to be discovered by modern scientists in this battle of the bookstores, much remains to be seen
you've got as much as she has tienes tanto como ella
you spend as much as me as I do
it didn't cost as much as I had expected no costó tanto como yo me esperaba; it can cost as much as \$2,000 puede llegar a costar 2.000 dólares
that's a bit much! ¡eso es demasiado!
there isn't much in it (between alternatives) no hay mucha diferencia; no va mucho de uno a otro
how much is it a kilo? ¿cuánto vale el kilo?
how much does it cost? ¿cuánto cuesta?
[how] much is it?
she won but there wasn't much in it ganó, pero no por mucho
she's not much to look at físicamente no vale mucho
to make much of sth dar mucha importancia a algo
he made much of the fact that ...
much of this is true gran parte de esto es verdad
we don't see much of each other no nos vemos mucho; we haven't heard much of him lately últimamente apenas sabemos nada de él; I'm not much of a musician muy poco de música; entiendo poco de música; I'm not much of a cook no cocino muy bien; he's not much of a player como jugador no vale mucho; that wasn't much of a dinner eso apenas se podía llamar cena
we spent so much gastamos tanto
I've got so much to do tengo tantísimo que hacer
that's too much eso es demasiado
it's not up to much no vale gran cosa
"what did you think of the film?" "I didn't think it was up to much"
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