feminine noun
1. wrist (anatomy)
2. doll (juguete)
  • muñeca de trapo -> rag doll
3. darling (informal) (como apelativo), doll (United States)
4. (informal) (enchufe)
  • tener muñeca -> to have friends in high places (Andes, RP)

muñeca [moo-nyay’-cah]
1. The wrist. (f)
2. A doll (de niña). (f)
  • Muñeca de trapo -> rag doll
3. A small bundle of medicinal ingredients put into a decoction. (f)
4. (Cono Sur) Pull, influence. (f)
noun, plural
5. In the mint, the screws that pinch the coin, and give it the due thickness.

1 (Anatomía) wrist
2 (juguete) doll
muñeca de trapo rag doll
muñeca rusa Russian doll
3 (chica) doll (muy_familiar); chick (muy_familiar); (EEUU)
4 (trapo) polishing rag
5 (And) (S. Cone) (mutualidad) friendly society; benefit society; (EEUU)
6 (S. Cone) (influencia) pull; influence

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