1. (act of moving) 
The universe is constantly in motion.El universo se halla en constante movimiento.
2. (operation) 
a. la marcha (F) (mechanism or project) 
In order to set the mechanism in motion you just have to press the green button.Para poner el mecanismo en marcha, solo tienes que apretar el botón verde.
3. (gesture) 
a. el gesto (M) 
She made a motion telling us we were running out of time.Nos hizo un gesto para indicarnos que se nos acababa el tiempo.
As he walked by, he made a slitting motion across his throat.Al pasar, hizo ademán de irme a degollar.
4. (proposal) 
The councilman proposed a motion to increase the budget for public works.El concejal presentó una moción pidiendo que se aumentara el presupuesto para obras públicas.
5. (legal) 
The defendant filed a motion for sentence reduction.El acusado presentó una petición de reducción de sentencia.
The judge denied the father's motion for custody.El juez denegó al padre la demanda de guarda y custodia que había formulado.
6. (medicine) (United Kingdom) 
The patient was prescribed a laxative to assist with his motions.Al paciente le fue recetado un laxante para facilitarle la evacuación de vientre.
We're going to need a sample of the patient's motion to run the test.Vamos a necesitar una muestra de la deposición del paciente para hacer el análisis.
intransitive verb
7. (to gesture) 
The doctor motioned for me to come into his office.El doctor me hizo señas para que entrara en su despacho.
Her mother motioned for him to keep quiet.Su madre le hizo un gesto para que se callara.
transitive verb
8. (to gesture) 
The construction worker motioned us to drive on.El obrero de la construcción nos indicó mediante señas que siguiéramos avanzando con el auto.
The guard motioned us toward the other entrance.El guardia nos indicó con un gesto que nos dirigiéramos a la otra entrada.
1. (movement) 
a. el movimiento (M) 
to set something in motionponer algo en marcha
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to go through the motionshacer las cosas mecánicamente
to go through the motions of doing somethingcumplir con el formulismo de hacer algo
motion picturepelícula f
motion sicknessmareo m
3. (in meeting, debate) 
a. la moción (F) 
to propose/second a motionproponer/apoyar una moción
the motion was carriedla moción fue aprobada
4. (formal) (United Kingdom) 
a. la deposición f, evacuación (F) (of bowel) 
transitive verb
5. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to motion somebody to do somethingindicar a alguien (con un gesto) que haga algo
intransitive verb
6. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to motion to somebody to do somethingindicar a alguien (con un gesto) que haga algo
motion [ˈməʊʃən]
1 (movement) movimiento (m)
the motion of the car made him ill apply the polish using a circular motion the laws governing light, sound and motion it can disintegrate into particles with the slightest motion there remains some impaired motion in the left wrist
to be in motion estar en movimiento; plans are already in motion for a new opera house ya hay planes en marcha para la construcción de un nuevo teatro de la ópera
his job as England manager begins in earnest now his World Cup campaign is in motion technologies that are already in motion to make the computer a mass personalized knowledge-based system a dark, petite woman who always seems to be in motion it is dangerous to get onto a train that is in motion
to set in motion [+mechanism] poner en marcha; the strike set in motion a chain of events which led to his overthrow la huelga desencadenó una serie de acontecimientos que condujeron a su derrocamiento
I turned a switch to set the mechanism in motion one group of muscles sets the next group in motion her sharp, aggressive tone set in motion the events that led to her downfall it was high time to set in motion the plan he had conceived the night before climate changes set in motion by a relatively small change in the amount of solar energy reaching the earth when estrogen production ceases important bodily changes are set in motion a revolutionary coup was set in motion in south Tunisia whenever recession strikes, a chain reaction is set into motion
to go through the motions (of doing sth)
pretend to do
he was just going through the motions of living estaba viviendo maquinalmente; vivía por inercia; they went through the motions of consulting members siguieron la formalidad de consultar a los miembros
actors go through the motions of different types of labor the sailor went through all the motions smartly a dance where everyone continues to go through the motions after the music has stopped the future cancer patient continues going through the motions with whoever remains in his life he cured people, you know, or he went through the motions, anyway "you don't really care, do you?" she said - "you're just going through the motions" he seems to have at least been going through the motions of consulting the king on state matters
to set the wheels in motion (to do sth) poner las cosas en marcha (para hacer algo)
I have set the wheels in motion to sell Endsleigh Court the wheels were set in motion to remove me once and for all I'm setting the wheels in motion to get the government to declare a large part of Queensland a National Park
2 (gesture) gesto (m); ademán (m)
he made a chopping motion with his hand hizo un gesto como si fuera a cortar algo con la mano; hizo un ademán de cortar algo con la mano
she made a motion to for me to close the door
3 (proposal) moción (f)
to [bring] a motion (against sb) opposition parties are likely to bring a no-confidence motion against the government
the motion was carried/defeated la moción fue aprobada/rechazada; to propose or make a motion (that ...) (US) presentar una moción (para que )
I proposed a motion that we adjourn the meeting they proposed a motion to increase membership fees
to propose or make a motion (to do sth) (US) presentar una moción (para hacer algo)
to [second] a motion Ralph Taggard seconded the motion
to vote on a motion votar una moción
the conference is now debating the motion and will vote on it shortly
4 (US) (Jur) petición (f)
to file a motion (for sth/to do sth) presentar una petición (para algo/para hacer algo)
he is eligible now to file a motion for a new trial the government filed a motion asking the judge in charge of the case to quash the defense subpoenas Pan Am has filed a motion against the US government to pay all or part of any judgments against the airline
5 (Britain)(also bowel motion) (action) evacuación (f)
try to make sure that your bowel motions are regular and that you avoid any constipation
(stool) deposición (f)
to have or pass a motion evacuar el vientre
to have [loose] motions
6 [of watch, clock] mecanismo (m)
once the motion is overhauled it will be as good as new
transitive verb
to motion sb [to] do sth
he motioned me to a chair/to sit down con un gesto indicó que me sentara; hizo señas para que me sentara
he stood aside and motioned Don to the door
to motion sb in(side)/out(side) señalar or indicar a algn con un gesto que entre/salga
he looked up and saw me and motioned me in Tenzin motioned me outside
intransitive verb
to motion [for] sth
he motioned for the doors to be opened hizo un gesto or hizo señas para que se abrieran las puertas
she motioned for me to precede her
to motion to sb to do sth indicar a algn con un gesto que haga algo; hacer señas a algn para que haga algo
I motioned to him to join us he motioned to her to go behind the screen
motion picture (n) especially (US) película (f)
I saw my first motion picture in that cinema
motion picture camera (n) especially (US) cámara (f) cinematográfica; cámara (f) de cine
this was the first boxing match photographed by a motion picture camera the room was flooded with brilliant lights for the motion-picture cameras
the motion picture industry (n) la industria cinematográfica
those engaged in the motion picture industry in the United States
motion picture theater (US) (n) cine (m)
motion sickness (n) mareo (m)
it should be noted that car sickness is not the same as motion sickness
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