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1. madre (f)
  • mother of six madre de seis hijos
  • mother's Day Día (m) de la Madre
  • mother country madre patria (f)
  • mother Nature la madre naturaleza
  • mother Superior (religión) madre superiora
  • mother tongue lengua (f) materna
transitive verb
2. mimar
mother [ˈmʌðəʳ]
madre (f)
to be like a mother to sb ser como una madre para algn
transitive verb
(care for) cuidar como una madre; (spoil) mimar; consentir; (give birth to) parir; dar a luz;
mother country (n) patria (f); (more sentimentally) madre patria (f)
Mother Earth (n) la madre tierra
His favourite conversational topic was the ozone layer and the importance of saving Mother Earth
mother figure (n) figura (f) materna; figura (f) de la madre
Mother Goose (n) la Oca
mother hen (n) gallina (f) madre
mother love (n) amor (m) maternal
Mother Nature (n) la madre Naturaleza
Mother's Day (n) Día (m) de la Madre
mother's help (n) niñera (f)
mother ship (n) buque (m) nodriza
Mother Superior (n) madre (f) superiora
mother tongue (n) lengua (f) materna
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